Sunday, November 27, 2011

This isn't saving us anything

I don't know if it's the MSM or politicians, possibly it's both who seem to think that we're stupid when they trumpet headlines saying "George Osborne to announce pain relief plan for 'squeezed middle'" Then when you read through it looking for details, you find there's nothing of the sort, just a load of hot air.
The Chancellor will attempt to give families and firms some relief from rising prices and stimulate the economy amid a backdrop of continuing gloom and falling growth.
He will use his Autumn Statement on Tuesday to appeal to the key political constituency of the “squeezed middle” — hard-pressed families on middle-to-lower incomes whose votes will decide the next general election.
He will announce changes to a funding formula that would have seen rail ticket prices rise by more than eight per cent from January.
The rise — affecting season tickets and peak fares across Britain, as well as the Tube and buses in London — will now be just over six per cent. George Osborne is also expected to confirm there will either be a freeze or delay in a 3p rise in fuel duty, again planned for January.
Motoring groups have said the planned rise, combined with an annual inflation-linked increase due in August, would lift the cost of petrol by 8p a litre from next summer.
Can you see any money coming back into your own pockets there? Damned if I can, all that's been announced is he might no allow planned "increases" which to me isn't a saving at all. I like many others in the private sector got no pay increase this year, yet our costs went up, council tax, fuel and the associated knock ons with fuel increases such as higher food prices as well as goods and services. To add insult to injury the government despite the ever increasing evidence that it's a scam and we know its a scam are continuing with their green levy's as well as announcing that by 2016 all houses built must be carbon free and run carbon free energy wise thus making sure that the price of a new home goes up possibly by 2/3rds, yet they still intend to use our money to guarantee the mortgages for those places.
So what we have is an example of soundbite politics, it's not even a good soundbite either because once you look past the headline, the "squeezed middle" will still be feeling squeezed, just not as much as those greedy morons running the country had initially planned on doing.
We need a revolution now, to get us back to sound fiscal government who run the country for the people, not their own vanity projects, we need to take a chainsaw to the state and those who suckle at the teat of the state. We need to make sure after its done and dusted and the last of them have breathed their last at the end of a noose, that the next government will never ever be in a position to increase our taxes without asking us by referendum first.
It's definitely time for change.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on a revolution.

We might not have the same aims QM, but getting rid of the current nonsense is something we could work together with.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should have a Belgian revolution - and have no government at all. Doesn't seem to have harmed the people of Belgium, though I suppose it would deprive the tabloids of a lot of column inches. I have recently read a very good argument for anarchy, and it sounds an attractive solution. Let's face it, I know of no politician nowadays who isn't quite blatantly in it just for themselves.

I am a far left libertarian on the spectrum - which surprised me, I thought I was more to the right.

Anonymous said...

I've just done the quiz. It seems I'm left social libertarian.

Captain Haddock said...

I did the quiz ages ago .. and it said "Sod off Genghis" .. ;)