Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well I'm back and refreshed from a couple of days down in Bournemouth and the New Forest, a pretty quiet time for myself and my good Lady.

Bournemouth was unusual in that I had it in my minds eye that it was some sort of seedy coastal resort which had seen better days and was full of retired people. To my amazement it was full of young people, looked very affluent and we had the unusual experience of being the oldest people in a cinema (we're in our very low 50's) by a hell of a margin I don't think anyone else was over 25. We didn't feel threatened even wandering about with a street map and looking like tourists and people were friendly and very helpful, it was like going back in time 30 plus years without the appalling fashion sense. Recommended restaurant Coriander, a Mexican restaurant that's very, very friendly, recommended pub, The Goat and Tricycle, for a fabulous selection of real ale.
It was the trips out and the walking that we were really there for, visiting Lulworth Cove and walking along the clifftops to the Durdle Door.
Lulworth Cove
Durdle Door
We also walked in the New Forest, a truly beautiful place and found a superb pub too with incredible doorstep sandwiches.

Lyndhurst Parish, New Forest
Good pub, good beer, good food, heaven on Earth.
So, I'm back, I've ate too much, drank too much and had too good a time, but will turn my eye back to the world tomorrow, to see what I can see. Until then, life is good.

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Captain Haddock said...

The large number of young people in Bournemouth can be attributed to the all the English Language schools in the town ..

When I served at nearby Poole, Bournemouth was always heaving with foreign "totty" & was a natural magnet for us .. ;)