Thursday, November 3, 2011


The public sector unions and their members who voted to go on strike are taking the piss, despite the improved offer from the government, which as far as I'm concerned is still mostly coming out of the taxpayers pocket. No, I'm not saying they don't deserve a pension, but, what I am saying is that if they do want something better than the state pension they should be funding it themselves and not asking the rest of us to cough up.
BRITAIN is set to be crippled by strike action after union leaders yesterday rejected a massively improved deal to reform bloated public sector pensions.
There was outcry last night at the damaging union move to deny any attempt to reform the system to help solve the country’s debt crisis.
The union refusal came despite the Government offer of concessions worth billions of pounds.
Under the offer announced by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, pensions of low and middle earners would be as good or better than now. Around a million workers within 10 years of retiring would not have to work longer and would keep their final salary pensions. There would be no more reform for 25 years.
A teacher on £37,800 would get a pension of £25,200 a year under the deal, compared to £19,100 now. A nurse on £34,200 would get a pension of £22,800 compared to £17,300 now.
Unions welcomed the improved offer but will press on with plans for a mass walkout on November 30 following demos in June.
Nowhere in private industry would you expect to see such pensions, they are simply unsustainable without massive contributions from the workers themselves. Only in the deluded world of the socialists controlling the public sector unions would you expect to see the rejection of such generous terms and still have the meally mouthed gall to claim that public sympathy would be on their side carefully mentioning nurses, teachers and policemen whilst carefully avoiding any mention of diversity co-ordinators, racial awareness officers and healthy living administrators who also expect those of us who create wealth to pay for their long term comfort whilst struggling to make ends meet today never mind saving for their old age.
Yes I realise there are certain professions that have short term lifespans owing to the physical nature of the job, but by and large most civil servant and public servants could cope quite well with working to 65+ like the rest of us poor buggers paying their way.
The unions should simply be told that it's take it or leave it, any strike will be a breach of contract and grounds for automatic dismissal, followed by re-application for the jobs at sensible contributions, oh and in a union free environment.
People need to learn, if you want something then you pay your way to get it, you should not expect anyone else to dip into their pockets to pay your way, ever.

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Bill said...

The problem is with the broad definition of 'public sector'. Some public sector workers are worth every penny they get but it is worth remembering that the public sector is also a last refuge for the incompetent.

You will notice that the unions promote the fire service, coppers, nurses and for some reason teachers but ignore the incompetent in their ramblings in the MSM. Probably because the vast majority of union men and women I cam across in my employed years really were utterly incompetent, which is of course why they represented a union.

Humph said...

Actually, I would think that any remaining vestige of sympathy for teachers, nurses and any other public sector employee who intends still to strike has just gone out the window.

It may not be them directly rejecting the revised offer, and it seems pretty fucking questionable why they got a revised offer anyway, but as far as I'm concerned they are supporting the retards posing as union officials who are taking this stance.

There is a wealth of riches to choose from the ramblings of the retards but here's one:

Brian Campfield, the General Secretary of Northern Ireland’s largest public sector trade union Nipsa, said: "The limited improvements announced today by the government reflect panic in trying to avoid mass industrial action on November 30 by public sector workers."

Mr Campfield said the proposals do not change the fact that most public servants over the next three years will have to pay up to 6% more for a pension that will be paid at a much later date.

Do you not have a memory Brian? Do you not recall how this all ended last time round? Maybe you're just going on the basis that there is no-one around at the moment with balls like Maggie had, but don't worry because someone WILL come along to fuck you over good and proper.

Simple message to all the brainless Brians. Get the fuck into the real world. We all want super duper pensions and retirements, but WE CAN'T FUCKING AFFORD IT.

Elizabeth said...

Two points here; Restructuring and imposing new pension deals is reneging on the contract made with employees.If a commercial enterprise had tried to do this hey would end up in court. The government should stick with the contract for those who are currently entitled to them.
Foe the future; all pension plans should be scrapped except for a basic state retirement pension.People should sort out their own retirement.
Where will the money come from? Easy; reduce taxation.

Quiet_Man said...

Businesses renegotiate deals all the time, I for one am sick of paying out for others to retire in relative comfort when I cannot.
There are ways and means to get around these contracts.

Anonymous said...

Armed forces pensions are pretty good, retire after 22 years service with a generous pension. Perhaps you'd like to see them cut too?

Quiet_Man said...

@ Anonymous, I already mentioned I had no problems with those with whom the physical nature of the job takes its toll.
Try reading the post.

Anonymous said...

I declare an interest: I work for the NHS (Emergency Ambulance Service). There are *ways and means* of doing many things, it doesn't make them right. As Elizabeth said above, there are many of us who have already planned retirement, based on what we were PROMISED as part of our contract of employment. It may be that NEW entrants to the Public Sector have to accept a lower pension / higher contributions, but those already in service should not be punished for years of poor government planning, by all parties.

wiggiatlarge said...

Anonymous,my private pension that i alone paid for was never ever as generous as these public sector ones and then i along with millions of others was mugged by the government and the providers with the most exorbitant fees in europe,nobody struck nobody said heres some more of our money to help ,as for armed services ,police ,fire service etc ,they all take these jobs knowing what is available ,most end up with two pensions as they retire early take another job and /or have another job whilst as with the fire service they are still "working" and yes i do nkow what i'm talking about,good luck to them for taking advantage of something that should have been sorted years ago ,but now ,get real.