Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cultural enrichment

Muslims are funny sorts, lot of rules and regulations as to how to live your life all based around the ravings teachings of a desert bandit about 1500 years ago and spread around the world sometimes by the sword occasionally by assimilation. Problem being of course times change, but owing to the peculiarities of their holy book they can't as it's unchangeable. Add into the mix certain tribal customs transported in from the northern Indian sub continent, coupled with UK societies idiotic multiculturalism/political correctness and you have a recipe for trouble.
A young Asian bride was drugged and held prisoner by her family after she broke off an arranged engagement to her first cousin and secretly married another man, a court heard today.
Naila Afsar, 23, was also threatened with death, assaulted and abused by angry close relatives after they discovered she had wed Afsar Saddiq without telling them, it was alleged.
She was given a milky drink laced with a prescription-only sedative in a bid to put her to sleep while they took her back to the family home - and away from her new husband, it was said.
Mr Saddiq, meanwhile, was visited by Naila Afsar's family, who told him his new wife would not be returning before stealing his mobile phone to stop the couple keeping in contact, a jury heard.
Naila Afsar's mother Shamim Akhtar, 58, father Mohammed Khan, 57, her elder brother Shamrez Khan, 34, all from Bradford, West Yorkshire, and her sister Saima Mahmood, 30, and her brother-in-law Zahid Mahmood, 36, both of Accrington, face a string of charges.
They all deny false imprisonment, kidnap and two charges of administering the drug lorazepam with intent, in January last year, after claiming in a police interview they were trying to help Naila 'resolve a domestic situation'.
Usual use of Asian to hide the fact that these are Muslims of Pakistani descent you'll note and the usual Muslims of Pakistani descent approach to dealing with a domestic situation involving a female of the family ie. threats and violence. That's the problem you get when you introduce an alien culture to a new place and then allow it to refuse to integrate, keep its customs and generally foster the worst aspects of that culture with its culture of shame (dis)honour and misogyny. Naila Afsar I suppose is lucky she didn't end up like Shafilea Ahmed, or Tulay Goren, though it's not just women affected.
Yet for years our police ignored this as they also did with the Islamic paedophile gangs in the name of community cohesion and fear no doubt of being accused of racism. So we have a festering malignant custom frequently brushed under the carpet by the community involved, compounded by the off time intermarriage between close relatives and increased many-fold by the previous governments ridiculous immigration policies and multicultural edicts.
The law is supposed to be upheld without fear or favour, yet to the same of our senior police and politicians, kidnappings, murder and violence all thrive within Islamic communities all hushed up within those communities and ignored unless it's blatant outside them. They don't feel as if they are doing anything wrong, which makes it all the more terrible, you don't resolve a family dispute by threatening and drugging the objects of the dispute.
But try telling that to some Muslims.

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Anonymous said...

More vibrant cultural enrichment from the "diverse" communities :

"Seven months earlier Deeq was walking alongside his cousin Abdulla Awil Mohammed, also 18 and from Burngreave, when he was killed after a car mounted a pavement following clashes between rival groups of Bengali and Somali youths, and struck a road sign which hit him."

James Higham said...

based around the ravings teachings of a desert bandit about 1500 years ago

paedophile bandit