Friday, October 7, 2011


Two big names have been thrown to the wolves from the Shadow cabinet reshuffle, John Denham and John Healy. This confused me a little as to me neither of them are "big" names and although I do know a little about John Denham as he's criticised the EDL back in 2009 whilst it was just being set up and violently attacked by the UAF (yes he's that sort of hypocrite) I have never heard of John Healy.
TWO of Labour’s key figures have stepped down from their posts ahead of Ed Miliband’s reshuffle of his Labour top team today.
The departures of shadow business secretary John Denham and shadow health secretary John Healey are expected to pave the way for the embattled Labour leader to bring new blood into his shadow cabinet from the 2010 intake of MPs.
Shadow junior minister Rachel Reeves, 32, is set to lead a charge of young women dubbed “Mili’s fillies”.
Emma Reynolds, 33, also a shadow junior minister, and backbencher Stella Creasy, 34, are expected to join the new-look team.
The experienced Caroline Flint could be promoted to shadow health secretary from her communities and local government role.
Shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland Shaun Woodward, the former Conservative MP who defected to Labour in 1999, is among those battling to save their jobs.
And shadow culture, media and sport secretary Ivan Lewis and energy spokeswoman Meg Hillier are also thought to be at risk.
I do wonder if this is an all light but no heat type of reshuffle, a sort of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic moment. Millipede E is in a bit of a bind anyway he knows the economies in dire straits (at least I hope he does) he also knows just exactly who is to blame for it even if he's trying to deny or shift it. He should also know that the resolution to it is completely out of his hands and also Cameron's too. So I have to ask myself if Millipede E is trying to lose the next election as things are about to get oh so much worse?
As for the “Mili’s fillies” comment, well that's gutter politics at its best, but judging by Caroline Flint's performance during the Brown years it's not too surprising really politicians and the MSM being quite open in saying the stuff that we politely wouldn't say to anyones face.It might be that Rachel Reeves, Emma Reynolds and Stella Creasey will be good at their jobs, though judging by their ages I doubt they have much experience in the real world, though that goes for a lot of politicians who are much older too. But they've been tarred now as being some sort of airheads by innuendo in a similar vein to Blair's babes, none of whom set the political world on fire, plus they are somewhat too the left politically speaking which gives them another mental impairment.
Why do we elect these people?

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