Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some traditions aren't welcome here

What is allowable in one country isn't always allowable in others, sometimes it's odd laws and customs such as the USA not allowing people under 21 to purchase alcohol in most states. Or the age of sexual consent varying from one country to another. Either way, you obey the laws of the country you're in and you don't try to introduce your own customs if they go against the mores and laws of the country you now live in.
This is a problem for some cultures as their religious "rules" permit some things which are also allowed in the countries where they were born or feel culturally attached too. Child brides being one such instance along with polygamy and treating the women of other beliefs as "property" or whores.
Carlisle News and Star.
A Carlisle restaurant boss has appeared in court accused of running a brothel from the takeaway he manages on Botchergate.
Azad Miah, 44, is also accused of paying young girls for sex.
Miah, who is manager of the Spice of India takeaway, appeared at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court today charged with 13 offences.
They are:
  • one charge of keeping or managing a brothel at the Spice of India takeaway;
  • six charges of causing or inciting prostitution for gain;
  • two charges of causing a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity;
  • three charges of causing or inciting a girl to perform sexual acts;
  • one charge of paying for the sexual services of a girl aged 13 to 15.
The offences are said to have taken place between 2005 and March this year.
Miah, who used to live in the city centre, was arrested by police on Monday and charged.
An application for bail was refused by magistrates.
Not an isolated case either despite what some MSM, police, leftists and politicians would like you to believe either. Other examples being here, here and here.
In all the link is Islamic, though the MSM would have us believe it's "Asians" and it appears to be part of their culture to believe that any other cultures women are there to be used, that they are less worthy (after all their own women's worth is a half that of a man) and the Kuffar are worth less than a Muslim woman.
These cases are getting a bit more publicity now, but for years in the name of multiculturalism, diversity and community cohesion these dreadful crimes have been swept under the carpet by the police, the MSM and politicians of both the left and right. There's still some of it going on today with the insistence of the BBC and others to call them "Asian" sex gangs despite the fact that "Asians" of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions simply don't behave in any such vile way, nor as far as I can tell do any other people in Asia with the one exception of those holding to the Islamic faith.
Sure, sure it's not all Muslims, but at the moment I'm not exactly inclined to start sorting out the sheep from the goats as their communities have a tendency to close ranks against anyone making such enquiries.
I just don't feel their is any place for Islam or Muslims in a civilised society. They don't or wont play by our rules of civilised behaviour and the idiots with the power to deal with it have allowed these people to settle and increase in our country to the point where it's now becoming obvious that civil disorder (or war) is fat becoming a possibility as the indigenous people and other who have integrated well are no longer prepared to tolerate the behaviour of Muslims within their midst.
I give it 5 years.

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Goodnight Vienna said...

You're right. While all this goes on Cameron pleads with us to stand together and invokes the Blitz spirit to see us through the economic crisis, but it's gone. It went when millions of foreigners were imported and diluted the English nation. It's hard to find that sense of community again - unless you count ghettos in London, Luton or Bradford as communities. Sad but true. Racist? No.

Anonymous said...

If we still had the 'Blitz Spirit'... we'd get rid of Cameron for a start... hypocritical b@stard.