Friday, October 21, 2011

Mislabelling a product

I'm often astonished to the lengths that parts of the MSM will go to try and be kind to their favourites when they are clearly facing a major problem as certain chickens come home to roost. Take the Torygraph and David Cameron (please) on the possibility of a commons vote on the EU.
This is rapidly turning into David Cameron's biggest embarrassment. If Ed Miliband had the guts to take the Eurosceptic line (as more than a few Labour MPs would like) the PM would be threatened by his first Commons defeat.
The problem for the Prime Minister is that he is a "pragmatic Eurosceptic". In principle, he thinks Europe has too much control over Britain's affairs and is in desperate need of reform. But in practice, he has no intention of doing anything about it because a) he's in a Coalition with the pro-Europe Lib Dems and b) he genuinely values his relationships with Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, who would be outraged by the opportunism.
Now whatever David Cameron is, and I can think of a few descriptions of his views that fit the bill a lot better, a EUrosceptic he isn't, nor from what I can tell is he pragmatic in any way shape or form otherwise he'd be backing the bill simply to see what parliamentarians want and then the people. As it is, he's decided to oppose it an make himself even more unpopular within his party amongst some members who were convinced once he was in power his true EUsceptic nature would come to the fore.
He even appears to be the one behind a spoiling attempt by George (useless) Eustice (pictured below)

To tag some sort of amendment to the motion, which oddly enough appears likely to fail as the Lib Dems of all people look as if they will veto it.
As it is, it looks like 80 MP's of all parties might vote for the motion and rumours have it up to 15 frontbenchers were ready to resign their posts and vote for the motion too, though only time will tell on this as the pressure from the Whips office would appear to be immense and many MP's wont like the threat of their careers being ended when the planned reduction in parliamentary seats comes about simply for following their beliefs, though that's exactly what they should be doing.
In the end though I reckon it will all be for nothing as Cameron will simply ignore the result.

4 annotations:

Bill said...

I thought the idea of government is that it represents the wishes of the people of these islands not what one idiot who happens to like a German Lady and a small Frenchman and is petrified of upsetting either.

Anonymous said...

I doubt he will be defeated, but he will be desperately wounded...holed at the waterline.

Europe finished Major. It will finish him, mainly because it will finish his coalition.

The Liberals have quietly removed their manifesto promise to have a referendum, in or out, from the online manifesto.

1984, or what?

Captain Haddock said...

The more strokes like this, which Camermong pulls .. the more nails he drives into his own political coffin lid ..

If he's either to blind or too arrogant to see this .. let him carry on, I say ..

The end of his treasonous & disastrous reign will come about all the sooner ..

Anonymous said...

Let's hope enough politicians grow a spine and put down their wallets.

I've been disappointed in Dave, who it would appear is not what we need at this time.

Funny, as regards being a divisive issue for the Tories, the Eurosceptics are probably more in tune with the general feeling. Free trade is one thing, what has evolved is something else.