Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Activities which undermine our healthy eating policy cannot be tolerated."

Every attempt it would seem to try and force the public to do something they don't want to do by "experts" seems doomed to explode in their faces. Healthy eating, anti-smoking, anti-drinking all fall by the wayside by peoples bloodymindedness as they'll look for another option when one door to their gratification is closed leading to ever more restrictions in our lives and greater underlying anger at those who simply will not leave us alone.

Schoolboy trader given suspension for selling chocolate
Tommie Rose was excluded for breaking a healthy eating policy
A young entrepreneur has been suspended from his healthy eating school for repeatedly selling sweets there.
Tommie Rose, 12, said he made up to £200 a day selling chocolate and fizzy drinks to fellow pupils at Salford's Oasis Academy.
He was warned he was breaking a healthy eating policy, but continued to trade.
His biggest mistake was of course selling on the schools property, their gaff, their rules after all, but if he were to say step off the property, then I'm sure he'd be in business again, though no doubt they have rules about leaving the grounds. Still it's a classic example of prohibition in that if you ban something that people want, someone will try to get around it.

A spokesman for Oasis Academy said that parents "fully support our policy and would be disappointed to find their child's money being spent on the large amounts of chocolate repeatedly being brought onto the premises".
He added: "Whilst we understand the motivation for a bit of entrepreneurialism, we would rather work alongside all students and channel that motivation into an activity that doesn't break the academy rules.
"Activities which undermine our healthy eating policy cannot be tolerated."
 The last line says it all, it's all about control, forcing kids to do what the so called "experts" have decided is good for them, turning them into obedient little robots under state control. I'm not saying what he did was right, for the reasons above, however I do admire his enterprise and suspect he'll do well for himself in the future at buying in bulk and selling it on. He might make his fortune, the people running the school however will not and the more their attitudes prevail, the worse things will get in society in general until something snaps in us all and the revolution starts.
Just taking longer than I ever dreamed though.

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Bill said...

My friends son was pulled for operating an equally lucrative set up in his school. Glad to say the reason he was stopped was 'all commerce on school property was banned' except the school canteen of course.
As you say fair enough their gaff. His mother simply suggested he conduct his business outside of the school gates. Problem solved.

On the other had my wife works as a 'dinner time supervisor' in a local primary which strictly enforces the health nazis guidelines and she has noticed that since these guidelines were brought in, lo fat, lo salt, no chocolate, no sugar, no chips, no fizzy drinks, etc the amount of stuff being binned at the end of dinner has gone up by fifty percent.

No matter though most of the kids get free school meals so it's quite literally just the taxpayers money being thrown away.

I long for the day when a head stands up to these cretins and takes control of their school. If they had the full backing of the governors and parents it would be suicidal Local Authority which tried to intervene.

microdave said...

"But if he were to say step off the property, then I'm sure he'd be in business again"

"His mother simply suggested he conduct his business outside of the school gates"

Wouldn't they find themselves at the mercy of the local council, demanding a street traders licence"?

Curmudgeon said...

There are plenty of "street traders" who manage to thrive without a licence...

microdave said...

I'm sure there are, but you can bet in this case the Health Nazis would tip the council off straight away...