Thursday, August 18, 2011

Talking up a storm

Immigration is a problem, you know this and I know this, it's even starting to percolate up to the levels of government ministers that there's a problem. The one thing they wont admit though is that currently they can't do anything about the problem except talk about it as that's not illegal (yet)
IMMIGRANTS have taken 289,000 jobs in the last year while one in five young Britons is now out of work, shocking figures revealed last night.
British-born workers are swelling the dole queue as unemployment has soared to 2.49 million, according to employment statistics. 
An astonishing 20 per cent of those aged under 24 are signing on, raising concerns about the Government’s drive to curb mass immigration.
But overseas-born workers have enjoyed a jobs boom and a record 4.15 million are now living in Britain. And fears that British-born workers are being squeezed out of the jobs market have been heightened after the influx of migrant workers in the last year outstripped the 241,000 new jobs that were created.
Sir Andrew Green, of the think-tank MigrationWatch, said: “We need to face up to the facts of the impact that immigration is having on the prospects for British workers.
“It is no good academics repeating time and time again that there is no strong evidence; it is perfectly clear that the employment of immigrants is increasing while the employment of British-born workers is decreasing.
The article as usual skirts around various factors as to why economic migration is a problem here simply falling back on partially blaming the last government (true) and the Lib Dems on border controls (true) and does mention reform of the benefits system which does encourage people not to take low paid work.
It fails however to mention the elephant in the room that is the EU other than the government implementing transitional controls over new members because even at government levels they realise the implications for them of 40 million Turks coming here.
EU rules on freedom of movement of labour though mean that the government can actually do damn all about economic migration from within the EU. If a migrant can reach the EU, get an EU passport (available on condition you don't stay here from several EU states) then they can come here and work for peanuts by our standards but still share a flat with 20 other people and live cheaply and send money home to the family plus if you have kids then child benefit too. From a migrants point of view, what's not to like?
Ok, step 1) we have to leave the EU, without that other measures will fail.
Step 2) No immigrant gets benefits of any kind unless they've paid by taxation a minimum amount equivalent to 10 years taxation at minimum wage levels. More qualified they are, easier it is to get into the safety net by way of higher paid jobs. You bring your family here then same rules apply, no house, no health benefits, no income support. You pay your way or you leave.
Step 3) Reform our benefits system so that if you don't have a job or kids under 18 you don't get benefits like income support or housing benefit unless there is no work in the can do, also get rid of the minimum wage too and use some of the money you save on benefits to pay into an apprenticeship scheme for our kids to get trades.
Step 4) Having a kid does not get you a house or a bump up on the housing market, the kid gets benefits, not you. Also child support stops after the second child, you want more, you better have the means to support them.
Exceptions would be sickness and invalidity benefits, but you'd better be sick or an invalid...
Unless we make work something you have to do to get benefits (sliding scale or universal it matters not) then because it's more economic not to work people wont. If you have to have a job even if it's only £1 an hour but you get benefits then people will work, if you don't work, you get nothing.
Yes I know there might be exceptions and fine tuning, but we have to do something to make people get a work ethic.


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David Gillies said...

Step 5 (actually step 0, before all the others) fix the education and benefits system for the native population so we're not creating a vast cohort of tattooed, illiterate, hair-raisingly violent knuckle-dragging scum such that you'd much, much rather recruit clean, industrious, polite, gentle Danuta from Vilnius to work behind your bar than repulsive Chardonnay from the local council estate.