Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ultimate disrespect?

I'm sure Charlie Gilmour is a bit shocked today, he got sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for disrespecting Britain's war dead at the Cenotaph and with other things taken into account rightly so.

The son of Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour was jailed yesterday after showing the ‘ultimate disrespect’ to Britain’s war dead by swinging from the Cenotaph during the student riots.
Charlie Gilmour, 21, reeled in shock as he was handed a 16-month sentence for his ‘outrageous and deeply offensive behaviour’ during a drug-fuelled rampage that also saw him attack Prince Charles’s car.
The Cambridge University history student was ‘out of his mind’ on a cocktail of LSD, Valium and whisky when he laid siege to the royal convoy during the tuition fee protests in London on December 9 last year.
Perhaps though had he been a Muslim though, he'd have been better off, or at least got a lesser sentence...

A Muslim extremist has been found guilty of burning poppies at a protest in west London on Armistice Day.
Emdadur Choudhury, 26, of Spitalfields, east London, was fined £50 for offences under the Public Order Act.
Choudhury, a member of Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), had denied the charge at Woolwich Crown Court.
Mohammed Haque, 30, of Bethnal Green, was cleared of the charge. Both men had been accused of burning three oversized poppies on 11 November in Kensington.
Rival protests had been taking place at the time near the Royal Albert Hall, the end point of a charity march at which serving members handed over books of condolence ahead of Remembrance Sunday.
District Judge Howard Riddle said: "The two-minute chanting, when others were observing a silence, followed by a burning of the symbol of remembrance was a calculated and deliberate insult to the dead and those who mourn or remember them."
Ok, the extremists then didn't go on to attack a royal, though they did threaten to disrupt the recent royal wedding. Still, 16 months for swinging from a cenotaph flag and £50 for burning a poppy and chanting Islamic slogans during the 2 minute silence on Remembrance Day itself.
Can anyone smell a whiff of double standards here?
I'm not excusing Gilmour, to my mind he probably should have got a higher sentence for his behaviour, but it does look extreme to what Emdadur Choudhury got.
Seems if you are a Muslim of the extremist variety you can actually get away with the "ultimate disrespect" with only a £50 fine, whilst the man who tries to stop you is charged with police assault for leaping a barrier and gets a £315 fine. Burn a Koran, you get 70 days imprisonment, post homophobic stickers in quantity around east London, £100 fine.
And they wonder why people don't respect the law anymore.

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Maverick said...

Yes but friends of Charlie are unlikely to carry out a bombing campaign in retaliation ... now are they? It is a public reminder for you little serfs to behave ... now get back to work on the plantation and shut up !!

Anonymous said...

Charlie Gilmour has been a " very naughty boy" However he is of British stock and as he gets older and wiser will rue his former stupidity. In contrast the Poppy burners probably feel quite good about what they did and will do so until their dying day!! Therein lies the difference