Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally someone gets it

Immigration would not be a problem if we made it so that an immigrant here had to work or get no benefits whatsoever until they qualified for a safety net benefits system by paying a set amount into the taxation system over a period of time (or even a lump sum) No housing, health or unemployment benefits until you'd put something into the system, lower paid the job, longer it would take, say 10 years at least via the taxation of a minimum wage earner.
As no political party can do this because of EU regulations then the only way around it would be to strictly limit immigration only to the skills we need and this is what an advisor to Red Ed Millipede has suggested.
Immigration in to the UK should be frozen altogether, one of Ed Miliband’s most trusted advisers said today.
Lord Glasman, the leading policy adviser to the Labour leader, said the country should “draw the line” on immigration and even renegotiate EU rules that allow free movement for migrant workers.
He told The Daily Telegraph that Britain is “not an outpost of the UN” and the needs of the British people must be put first.
The comments are the most drastic yet for any of the major political parties and would effectively end immigration in to the UK.
However, the Labour party was last night quick to distance itself from the suggestions, insisting Lord Glasman’s views were “his own”.
Immigration has been thrust back on to the political agenda by both Labour and the Conservatives.
This is particularly ironic coming from an advisor to the leader of the Labour party who reigned over uncontrolled immigration whilst they were in power.
Lord Glasman really should have remembered the example of Frank Field who was told by Tony Blair to "think the unthinkable" He did and was forced to resign. So Glasman finds himself being distanced from the politicians who cannot apply what an ordinary person believes to be common sense as they simply don't mix with ordinary people but rather live in a weird bubble where the only people they really contact are other politicians and the political classes. The political classes love immigration and immigrants (if only because they don't tend to live amongst them). Immigrants tend to vote Labour anyway so they are beloved of the left wingers who tend to see the indigenous people as the problem because they don't tend to vote for the left seeing the left as well as the political classes for what they are, parasites on the system.
The longer however this goes on, the greater the gap between what the UK public actually want and what our politicians want to give us becomes and it's a potential breeding ground for extremism. The more acute the problem becomes, the more people will start to look for anyone offering a solution. The left and many of the political classes have decried the rise of the EDL, though they only have themselves to blame for that, yet the EDL isn't the problem, the EDL came about because of the problems created by the political classes and the defence of extremists amongst the immigrant community by the left.
Lord Glasman has a solution, it would work (apart from the EU not letting it work) yet our politicians are running away from it without even discussing it.
Tells you all you need to know really.


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Anonymous said...

When HE (THEY) fool enough dimwitted people to vote New, New, Modified (Nearly Tory) Labour.
They will do as they fucking well please.

thespecialone said...

Have the BBC reported what Glasman has said? Probably not as they are obsessed with 'Murdochgate'.

English Pensioner said...

Millipede is back-pedalling as fast as his legs will go!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with setting up the benefits system to work like that for everybody? If you've not paid into the system, you get foodstamps and nothing else. As soon as you've paid in, the potential benefits rise.

If you're an immigrant and commit a crime, you automatically forfit all rights including the right of asylum, and earn automatic deportation, to be carried out immediately on conviction. Of course, this depends on a complete re-write of the Human Rights Act, to make rights and responsibilities go hand in hand...