Saturday, June 11, 2011

You don't call, you don't write

How else can someone get your attention Theresa May? Well, the leader of the EDL managed...

Theresa May was last night dramatically ambushed at a constituency meeting by the head of the far-right English Defence League.
The Home Secretary fears the group – whose marches she has banned in the past - will now seek to exploit the face-to-face confrontation for a propaganda coup.
The self-proclaimed head of the EDL, who normally gives his name as ‘Tommy Robinson’, managed to by-pass security checks by posing as the companion of one of Mrs May’s constituents.
He then began haranguing the Home Secretary about why the EDL – whose demonstrations have been marred by violence – was treated differently to other groups.
Mrs May says she walked away from the exchange in Maidenhead Town Hall – which comes ahead of a planned local march in the town by the EDL today.
Normally, the leader of a known extremist organisation would have no chance of getting near to the Home Secretary.
Ok, lets deal with the hyperbole, first the EDL as “far right”. The EDL is not a political party, nor is it a political organisation, it has no political ideology at all and campaigns only against Islamification and unfettered immigration. Whilst the cause of, and answer to, Islamification and unfettered immigration is political, so is the cause and answer to high fuel prices and food prices yet the motoring organisations and charities campaigning against those aren’t given left/right wing political labels. Calling the EDL "far right" is utterly misleading and a typical slur usually from lazy journalists or those with an agenda to smear an organisation with the "racist" brush, after all that's what "far right" means in newspeak...
Second, Tommy Robinson isn't the self proclaimed leader of the EDL, he's recognised by the organisation as its leader because he formed it and lead from the front, there was no proclamation, it's simply accepted he's the leader.
The EDL are not an extremist organisation, they don't blow up buses or planes, trains or disco's, they simply want the government to deal effectively with radical Islam and dealing effectively with does not mean inviting even more of them to come live here.
EDL demonstrations have been marred by violence, the vast majority of it aimed at the EDL, this is the equivalent of blaming the victim for the crime. A quick check of the arrests will show that when the EDL march, it's their opposition who get the most arrested.
Asking questions of the Home Secretary is not haranguing, it ought to be a democratic right!

Brave Theresa May ran away.
Bravely ran away away.
("I didn't!")
When danger reared it's ugly head,
She bravely turned her tail and fled.
Yes, brave Theresa May turned about
("I didn't!")
And gallantly she chickened out.

****Bravely**** taking ("I never did!") to her feet,
She beat a very brave retreat.
("all lies!")
Bravest of the braaaave, Theresa May!
("I never!")

With many thanks to Monty Python and the Holy Grail

4 annotations:

thespecialone said...

I read the Daily Mail online and I am disgusted by their reporting on EDL. They always call them far-right but never ever call the UAF far-left. Whenever the have pictures, they are always of angry looking EDL but never of angry UAF. They never mention that UAF turn up always whenever EDL announce a protest (democratic right) and police officers on Inspector Gadget's blog who have worked at these protests have stated that generally it is the UAF who are the troublemakers. If that is what you get from the DM, just think what the Guardian, Independent and the BBC are like.

Barking Spider said...

I left a comment over at the Mail telling them pretty much that - bet they don't publish it!

Goodnight Vienna said...

It's time there was some equality in reporting, the DM is the same as all the others when it comes to labelling. May's response, and that of her spin team, was disgusting. It could have passed without incident if she'd taken the chance to listen.

I've got a clip on my blog of a DM headline about an arrest & court appearance for someone who made a nazi salute at an EDL march. It isn't till you get to the bottom you realise it wasn't an EDL supporter at all - it was a member of the UAF! Like I said, it's disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Teresa May isn't up to the job, and the Daily Mail will write any shit to sell copies.