Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to win friends and influence people....not

There are a few things that get peoples blood boiling, Israel/Palestine, left/right, toilet seat up/down and of course boundary disputes. Nothing quite like setting neighbours at loggerheads than one supposedly discovering that the boundary fence may be in the wrong place or even a tree branch is over their property. Few however have the nerve of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump angers neighbour after erecting new boundary fence and then billing him
Their David and Goliath dispute over a proposed £1 billion golf course has raged for several years.

But Donald Trump has infuriated one of his Scottish neighbours and longtime foes once again by erecting a fence around his house and then billing him for it.
David Milne, 46, found himself at loggerheads with the tycoon when he refused to sell his home to the Trump Organisation.
The couple are among five home owners who live on the Menie Estate in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, where Trump is in the process of building the "best golf course in the world".
They fear they could be evicted as Trump looks to secure more land.
In the latest twist to the saga, Mr Milne has disclosed that the American billionaire recently decided that the boundaries which separated their land were incorrect and instructed his team to erect a fence without any warning. 
He then sent Mr Milne an invoice of £2,820 – half of the total bill of £5,640.
The health and safety adviser said Trump's demand was "ridiculous" and that he would not pay a penny towards the fence.
He said: "I'm just ignoring the demand. There is no way I'm going to pay it.
Now I don't understand the rights and wrongs of the actual dispute itself, though I do believe that it's a long running thing and that the SNP are involved in the process somewhere. The lovely Subrosa has a better view of what's going on up there than I do.
My take is on the sheer nerve of arbitrarily deciding that the land boundaries were wrong and building a new fence on what you believe to be the new boundary and then having the nerve to charge your neighbour whom you haven't consulted half of the costs! 
Land boundary disputes usually involve a visit to the H M Land Registry in England and Wales at least and if the dispute can't be resolved amicably by mediation then go to the courts. Now Donald Trump or whoever decided that the boundaries were wrong  is well within their rights to erect new fencing along the boundary, there are a few stipulations in that the uprights all have to be on your side of the boundary and no higher than 1 metre next to a public highway or 2 metres elsewhere, but what you don't get to do is charge your neighbour for erecting your fence, even if it's a shared boundary.
I suspect this is intimidation and it doesn't exactly make Trump look too good, but from previous stuff he's got up too, I suspect he doesn't care, he has lawyers for that sort of thing.
As I said previously, I don't know the rights and wrongs of what's going on, but I know where my sympathies lie now, Donald Trump has made sure of that.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly this sort of thing happens all to often in my case a fence was removed and a piece of land cleared beyond it roughly forty foot by ten,when i approached the person responsible and remonstrated he initially said he would put the fence back,but that never happened and he carried on the clearance.
I suffered deliberate intimidation ,abuse and all that goes with ,the police who i initially called were useless,despite a broken fence on the ground ,(it later turned out the aggressor who was a social worker knew the policeman ! ) and i had to turn to the law,even then he carried on clearing ,it took three court appearances to settle (he prevaricated at the last minute in two of them),and three and half years to get justice and i finally won,it cost him the best part of 14k ,i got nothing out of this other than aggro ,but the one thing is to persevere if you are in the right,most cases the agressor wins because the whole business of going to court frightens most people of and they relinquish the property without a fight and the agressor knows this what happens in most cases and simply carries on his theft.
I was a landscape architect before i retired and it was amazing the number of cases i saw of this in my career including one where it was a surveyor who had land stolen and even he gave in so i think you get my point about people not wanting to get involved in the process,in France these affairs are sorted by a visit to the local Mayor and a decision taken on the facts quickly .

James Higham said...

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