Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote early, vote often

No not in the sense of the Islamic/Labour postal vote scam that has gone on ever since the labour party made it ridiculously easy for 65 residents in a one room bedsit in Tower Hamlets to vote by proxy (possibly a slight exaggeration on my part).
No today is polling day for the UK either in local elections, the Scottish Parliament or for a new voting system if the previous 2 missed anyone.
I got another leaflet from Labour on Monday, saying they were sorry I was out (I wasn't) but that I should vote for them as the evil Tories had cut back the hourly bus service along Heron Way thus disadvantaging hordes of pensioners and young mums with buggies from not being able to get into town. Now apart from the fact that most can (and do) walk down to the main road where there's a bus every 10 minutes, there's no mention of how Labour were prepared to get the money to make the local bus company keep the route going full swing. If the route isn't making money then I can't see why the bus company should run it, it's not the only bus around after all. What Labour are saying is we'll keep the route open but we'll use your cash to do it with, might only be pennies on our council tax bill, but I know what Labour are like, they love funding stuff for all whilst grabbing the cost from those of us who actually pay out with our council tax, rather than get it paid for by the council, in otherwords they'll find other essential stuff to fund and keep raising the council tax to pay for it, after all there's nothing like enough diversity co-ordinators in the world are there?
It's not that I don't have sympathy for those on Heron way who can't get to the further bus stops, but there are other schemes to help them if they want it, but, as for Labour making an issue of it? Well those who want to believe that they can do it for free or at no extra cost can vote for them, but they'll soon learn different, unless of course they are dyed in the wool socialists who from the historical records clearly never do.
I'm also going to have a vote on changing the way we elect politicians to Westminster today, it's a bit of a tricky one, Cameron's against it, which means I'd normally vote for, Clegg's all for it it, which should mean a resounding no! Milliband is for it too, so it clearly looks like a socialist plot to de-stabilise the country and put a left leaning majority permanently into Parliament. Milliband also made himself look like an associated idiot by standing next to a guy who wore a dancing on Thatchers grave tee shirt, that's pretty much the sort of vindictive thinking the left indulge in these days, it was over 20 years ago after all that she crushed their little empires and I suppose the fear they all have is that someone like her will come along and finish the job off, good job for them Cameron got elected I suppose.
The only reason I'm even remotely thinking of voting yes is because UKIP are all for it too and I like UKIP generally. Not that I particularly favour AV, as voting systems go it's only just marginally better than FPTP, but probably more expensive to do, certainly more time consuming.
Anyway, it's up to you how you vote, not me, I wont be voting Labour or Lib Dem though and I might just might vote yes on AV, I'm kind of used to going against the crowd.

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Anonymous said...

Is it only Asians that cheat on votes in England?

John M Ward said...

Although from what one reads it looks as though Asians are the predominant ones who specialise in electoral "manipulations", let us say, I am sure there are (and no doubt always have been) others as well. Perhaps they're better at not being found out...I dunno really(!)

As for AV: it's a poor system, and not at all well suited to parliamentary elections. Even the head of the Electoral Reform Society reportedly admitted this just a day or two ago, and they are one of the main funding sources for the Yes2AV campaign, to the tune of a seven-figure sum!