Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taking the mickey

Seems our idiot government has decided that it might be a good idea to pay people who shouldn't be here to go home.

FOREIGN criminals have been handed up to £25million of taxpayers’ cash to go home despite having no right to remain here, it emerged yesterday.
State “bribes” dished out under the Home Office’s voluntary return programme were given to nearly half of all overseas prisoners removed in the past 16 months alone at a cost of up to £12million, according to leaked documents.
The figure is about the same amount paid out in the first three years of the scheme and shows how common the controversial handouts are becoming.
Just one in three prisoners deported in 2009 left under the voluntary programme. Last year that figure was closer to one in two.
The UK Border Agency defended the payments of up to £1,500, saying they help avoid costly deportation battles, but critics yesterday hit out at the idea of paying money to convicts, who include rapists and muggers.
Costly deportation battles? I'm sorry but they shouldn't be here and shouldn't even get the option to fight deportation, even if they've settled and have families. And, what's to stop them simply coming back after they leave? It really is simple, we should not be using taxpayers money as a bribe to get anyone to leave, nor should we be allowing them any attempt to appeal deportation for being here illegally. If you're caught, you're gone, simple as that and all your worldly goods other than the clothes you stand in are sold off to pay your fare and fine. This should especially apply to criminals if you're here illegally and break the law then your feet should not touch the ground once you've served your sentence, you have no right to be here and secondly you've broken other laws as well!
I would not have believed we would do something so stupid as to give criminals money to go away as little as even 15 years ago. Now it's producing nothing other than a tut and a typical comment from most around me.
Welcome to the mad house that is the UK.

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Furor Teutonicus said...

It USED to be called "Danegeld".

Call me Infidel said...

Having in the past been involved in "removing" people you have no idea of just how soul destroying this process is. The legal profession has been making millions out of this industry. If the person you want to remove has a family then you might as well forget it. We once removed a Turk to Germany. Since he had an outstanding asylum claim there it seemed reasonable to let the square heads deal with him. We arranged for his family to go on a separate flight. At your expense nauturally. They never showed up (naturally) the Germans shipped the Turk back to where he belonged. (Turkey) the next thing the family (on legal aid) are in the High Court and we are in the shit because the Germans kicked the Turk back to Turkey. You couldn't make it up.

We once tried to ship a plane load of Congolese back to where they belonged. It cost the taxpayer (if memory serves) £65,000 and we only managed to get shot of eleven people. The true scale of the problem would horrify you.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX We once removed a Turk to Germany.XX

Fucking THANKS, pal!