Monday, May 9, 2011

Setting yourself up for a fall

I'm no royalist, I have a great deal of respect for the Queen, a hell of a lot more for Prince Philip (because he says exactly what he thinks) but little if any for the rest of the hangers on, though some respect is due to Prince Harry who actually does take his military duties seriously and was endangered on the front line by idiotic newspapers announcing to the world where he was. I doubt he was in any serious danger, but he was there.
However much I am ambivalent about the Royals though, even I know it is a serious mistake to threaten one.

A MUSLIM extremist group has placed Prince Harry at the centre of a hate campaign against the Royal Family, it emerged last night.

Muslims Against Crusades have admitted that an online video featuring Harry was intended to galvanise opposition to his brother’s wedding.

And they said the Prince’s Afghanistan duty makes him a prime target for their fury.

Spokesman Anjem Choudary said: “There is a real anger with the Royal Family about their participation in war against Iraq and Prince Harry because of his tour fighting against Muslims in Afghanistan.

“Prince William has also expressed a desire to fight in Afghanistan.”
Real anger by who? A minority Muslim group who can barely muster 250 supporters to mourn the death of Bin Laden outside the American Embassy? Or does this go deeper, certainly a lot of Muslims are unhappy about Western forces operating in so called Muslim lands, though they are also indifferent about Islamic atrocities in our countries too, hypocritical seems to be the correct term for the Islamic world view, mostly because for every atrocity they commit we get a wailing of "it's not all Muslims" and we shouldn't judge them by the actions of a so called minority. That would be ok save for the fact that the so called minority openly operate in the Muslim communities and the silence is deafening from those communities in rooting them out.

The problem lies with varying factors, however the fact that back in 2006 40% of Muslims wanted shariah law introduced to the UK, whether the rest of us wanted it or not. That would mean immediate second class status for women along with stonings for adultery and various other barbarisms that make the religion of peace such a contradiction in terms. It gets worse of course, other studies show that 1 in 3 Muslim students believe it's ok to kill in defence of Islam. Clearly unless something is done about these extremists then we're going to have a major problem on our hands sooner rather than later.
I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that there can be no room for Islam without reform root and branch in a civilised country. I'm also wondering whether we can remove it without recourse to a civil war, the longer this cancer grows, the worse the cure will be, that's assuming we don't leave it too long till the condition becomes terminal.
"As Muslims, we are obliged to speak the truth wherever we are. We believe that Britain and the entire world, belong to Almighty God and that His Law should reign supreme i.e. Shari'ah; in light of this, we are also working to transform Britain into a flourishing Islamic State and we urge anyone who does not like this to leave."
That quote comes from the Muslims against crusades website (I won't link) That's the mindset of the people we're up against, they think we should leave.

Care to name one flourishing Islamic state, one that is run on purely Islamic lines?

Thought not.

That's why they have to go.

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James Higham said...

Back where they came from.

Anonymous said...

No. Into a big hole!