Sunday, May 8, 2011

Milliband wishes to break the union?

Seems to be the case as far as I can tell, what other reason could there be for putting Gordon (Jonah) Brown in charge of  stopping Scotland breaking away from England.

Daily Mail.
Gordon Brown is poised to lead the fight to stop Scotland breaking away from England after allies of Ed Miliband urged him to head a campaign against Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond.
Buoyed by a runaway victory in the Scottish Parliament elections, Scottish Nationalist leader Mr Salmond plans a referendum on whether Scotland should declare independence from the UK.
Senior Labour sources said the former Labour Prime Minister is the ideal man to take on fellow Scot and long-standing political opponent Mr Salmond.
‘Everyone accepts that the campaign to stop Scotland leaving the Union must be led by Labour because of the deep-seated hostility to the Tories and David Cameron,’ said a leading ally of Labour leader Mr Miliband.
‘No one is better placed to do that than Gordon Brown. He commands immense respect in Scotland and would be more than a match for Mr Salmond.’
Now I know the tribal West coast of Scotland, particularly the denizens of the towns and cities will vote for Labour were they to field donkeys in red rosettes in their various local, Scottish and UK elections, and frequently have. But as for the rest of Scotland? I can imagine the SNP seeing this as a green light to go it alone because the way Gordon Brown has gone about things in the past few years Scotland leaving the union seems to be pretty much on the cards if he tries to keep them in.

I can just imagine the conversation in the SNP party offices.
Spad: "Alex have you heard the news?"
Alex Salmond: "No."
Spad: "Millibands tasked Gordon Brown to keep us in the Union!"
Alex Salmond: "Yes!"

Cue much laughter and hilarity.

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Conan the Librarian™ said...

We *still* haven't stopped laughing...