Friday, May 13, 2011

Compare and Contrast

Remember the guy who burned the poppy on Remembrance day? Unemployed (and probably unemployable) got a £50 pound fine and boasted that he'd pay it out of his £800 a month benefits.
Well the guy who tried to stop him doing it was in court today charged under a Section Five public disorder offence (he jumped a police barrier to stop the burning)

Well I've just learned he was fined £315.

He has appealed the fine and will be going to Isleworth Crown Court in 6-8 weeks for the retrial, so currently the fine is on hold.
One guy who offends a nation gets fined £50, another guy who tried to stop him is fined £315 awaiting an appeal, and one guy who burns a Koran gets a 70 day jail sentence.
And they wonder why people are getting angry.
There may be reports tomorrow of violence outside the court, so lets' put the record straight. There were 50 supporters outside the court, 10 Muslim youths approached them and one punched a young lady in the face, two of the Muslims were arrested, not the supporters.
Here's a video of the assault.

Pictures courtesy of  EDL Forum.

4 annotations:

English Pensioner said...

Funny, I don't remember seeing this on the BBC TV News. Did I blink?

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the paki cunt who hit the lady gets a custodial sentence but I am not holding my breath. I bet Euro Slime Dave's UK will more likely arrest me and give me a custodial sentence for calling him a "Paki Cunt".

Arsonista said...

We have been invaded by medieval savages. Our politicians have committed treason against us. Our service men and women die in foreign lands fighting Islam and yet we give them shelter and benefits at home. We are thrown a wedding to distract us.

Liberal attitudes and socialist ideology have ruined this once great country. It has been going on since the second world war, and if the British don't wake up VERY soon, it will be too late.

Catweazle said...

Things are going to get messy.