Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't you understand? He can't do anything.

Seems some Tories are upset that their glorious leader isn't being the man they thought he was. You know, the one who would get tough on the EU once he was in power.
DAVID Cameron was forced on to the defensive yesterday when MPs urged him to defy the latest onslaught of meddling and money- grabbing from Brussels and Strasbourg.

David Cameron hinted that the Government is poised to surrender to the European Court of Human Rights by allowing some prisoners in British jails to get the vote.

And he also refused to rule out a multi-billion pound contribution from UK taxpayers to a second European Union bailout of the debt-laden Greek economy.

Last night, Euro sceptic critics feared the Prime Minister was ready to “wriggle out” of a showdown with ­Eurocrats and European judges, lending weight to the Daily Express’s crusade to get Britain out of the EU.

The onslaught of questions about Britain’s relationship with Brussels and Strasbourg came during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons yesterday. Senior Tory backbencher Philip Hollobone raised the issue of the court’s call for the scrapping of Britain’s ban on jail inmates voting.

He challenged the Government not to “bend its knee to the European court” and asked: “Will it [the Government] stand up and insist that on this issue Britain will not budge?”
 Almost touchingly naive isn't it? Cameron's hands are tied by the ECHR on prisoners and the provisions of the Lisbon treaty when it comes to bailing out the bankrupt southern Europeans. previous parliaments sadly sold out our sovereignty to foreign courts and parliaments and Cameron knows this, though I suspect he doesn't really care, save only if he looks likely to be ousted as Tory leader, after all he probably could have carried the last election with a promise to have an EU referendum of some kind. As for prisoner votes well Ken Clarke sadly gave the game away a couple of weeks ago with that one in that the UK will have to kowtow to the wishes of the ECHR after all we're a signatory to it.
Cameron is of the opinion that we can negotiate something for the UK in the EU, but the EU doesn't quite work that way, we want something, they usually want something in return, something that we're more often than not loathe to give up anyway.
The only way we can fix that is to leave, Cameron knows this (I assume) but his actions show us that he is committed to the EU and not worth voting for, at least at a national level.
That we haven't attempted to leave shows the Tory leadership in their true colours.

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James Higham said...

That we haven't attempted to leave shows the Tory leadership in their true colours.

As Albion Alliance and others were at pains to point out. Kept men at Westminster.

Anonymous said...

Not just the Tory leadership, most Tory MPs are very pale blue with a wide yellow stripe down their backs.

Those who are not self-serving cowards are self-serving lying traitors.