Sunday, May 22, 2011

Human wrongs

There's a guy out there, a Tunisian who has been recruiting Islamists to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.The Home Secretary has already ordered that he be kept out of the UK, however our borders are so porous that he came here anyway and is now going to use the Human Rights Act to stay, no doubt living off our generous benefits system too.

A convicted terrorist banned from Britain for being a risk to national security has been stopped by the courts from being deported. 
The Muslim man, who cannot be named, was found guilty of terrorism in Tunisia and has already been extradited once to Italy, where he was accused of being involved in helping to send Islamists to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Theresa May, the Home Secretary, ordered that he be kept out of Britain because his presence would not be "conducive to the public good for reasons of national security", adding that there was evidence he had been involved in "extremist radicalisation". 
However, after he was acquitted in Italy, he returned to Britain and has been allowed to stay by the Court of Appeal while he fights Mrs May's ruling. The court's decision has exposed what experts said was a "loophole" in immigration law which would allow "dangerous" people to stay here.
Experts said the case would have serious implications for the Home Office's ability to exclude terrorists and those suspected of terrorist offences, effectively creating an open border for terrorists while they pursue legal challenges.
Although only a small number of people would be affected, they could pose serious risks to national security. 
Lord Justice Pill, Lord Justice Rix and Lord Justice Lloyd backed the terrorist's right to be in Britain while he mounts an appeal. Lord Justice Pill commented that denying him access to Britain could lead to "potential injustice". 
 Letting him stay here could also lead to a potential injustice too in that he might just recruit someone who will blow up a tube train or bus, but the fact that he might be in danger obviously trumps the fact that we might be in danger from him according to the judges.
I am truly sick to the back teeth of this human rights act, as far as I'm concerned it was brought in to keep Tony Blair's Mrs. happy and has been a disaster for this country in that we can no longer keep those who might be a danger to us away from us. If this guy is in danger when he returns to Tunisia, then that's his lookout, not ours, I'm sure there are plenty of Islamic hellholes where he'd be welcome anyway, he's certainly not welcome here, not by the majority of law abiding people who cannot see why the judges would let him stay to endanger us.
Truly the law is an ass and the Human Rights Act has never served anyone but criminals and terrorists!

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ArtCo said...

Isn't it time someone organised a class action against the government, for putting all of us, our family's, and our children in danger, from these scum.

ArtCo said...

Surely it is my and my family's 'Human Right' to be protected from being pressured into 'believing' or being killed.

Captain Haddock said...

" ... the Human Rights Act has never served anyone but criminals and terrorists" !

And Lawyers !!!

JuliaM said...

Didn't some illegal get granted the right to stay here under the ECHR's 'right to family life' because he had a girlfriend. Not married, no children, just a girlfriend?

The ECHR is a godsend to bleeding heart judges...

Anonymous said...

But the original deportation to Italy was a complete nonsense. Whether you like it or not our membership of the EU means that in effect Italy is not a foreign country. The man in question migh as well have been deported to Newcastle or Taunton, it makes no difference. None of this will change for the better until we leave the EU!!