Sunday, April 24, 2011

Parish Notice

I have been cordially invited to post occasionally on a new blog the Orphans of Liberty and I'm in some very good company.

Longrider, James HighamThe SpineMark WadsworthSackersonCaptain RantyHarry HookLuikkerlandChucklesTrooper ThompsonSwbk2345Autonomous MindLeg-ironPavlovs CatWitterings from WitneyJuliaM  and Prodicus have all agreed to post their thoughts on liberty as well as their take on life as we know it both here and abroad. The official opening date will be noon on the 25th of April, though it is open now for you to take a look.

Please enjoy (I hope) and add your comments there too.


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Longrider said...

Many thanks for that.