Sunday, April 24, 2011

Condoning breaking the law

Some groups are more equal than others, this is one of the sad facts of life in this land in which we live. Some groups get away with a blind eye being turned because a full investigation would be "racist" at least until someone finally got the nerve to complain, well someone other than the BNP of course. And there are some groups who get away with vandalism and squatting because their beliefs fall in line with government policies, groups like the environumpties currently squatting in a school near Brighton.

The grounds of a disused school in East Sussex have been occupied by a group of climate activists.

About 40 protesters from Brighton Climate Action entered the grounds of the former St Anne's school in Lewes on Friday, declaring squatters' rights.

They have pledged to undertake a week of training and "direct action" against companies accused of environmental damage.

Sussex Police said the camp was peaceful and no arrests had been made.
Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes, said he was "sympathetic" to the protesters' action as "climate change is one of the most serious issues we face".
He said they were right to draw attention to it, but he was doubtful about the method chosen, saying that any protest must be "peaceful and within the law".

Mr Baker added that he did not condemn their use of the school building and grounds as it had been "empty for years".
I wonder whether Mr Baker would have been quite so forgiving if say they'd occupied his house, the Lib Dem party HQ or say the group had been someone like the EDL? I somehow think the response from him or indeed the police might have been somewhat different. After all the followers of the great green goddess have protected status in this land and they can seemingly get away with causing criminal damage in the name of their religion, well so long as they are doing it to someone other than the powers that be of course.
Squatting is illegal, these people don't even have the excuse that they are homeless and have nowhere else to go and I have a sneaking suspicion that any damage done to the site wont come out of their pockets either. Of course they might be perfectly well behaved (hah!) and leave in a weeks time after doing their thing.
The group also said an exploratory oil drilling site in an area of ancient woodland on the South Downs would be targeted for sabotage.
Or perhaps not, seems you can be a criminal in this land provided you're doing it for the right (green) reasons just don't try smoking indoors, driving marginally over the speed limit or drinking too much, apparently they're the wrong kind of law breaking.

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JuliaM said...

"Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes, said he was "sympathetic" to the protesters' action as "climate change is one of the most serious issues we face"."

I'm surprised he didn't go for 'THE most serious'...

Curmudgeon said...

And Norman Baker is a government minister - Parliamentary Under Secretary at the Department for Transport.