Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fear of offending

Multiculturalism, the leftist idiocy pervading government and various state provisions such as health and teaching has caused untold harm, differences do not unite us, by their very definition they can’t, they divide us and allow fears and prejudices to grow like cancers in various communities. After all, how on earth can we feel united or a part of a group of people who are so different to us? Especially when we don't mix and aren't allowed to criticise aspects of those cultures that don't fit in well with our basic freedoms and liberties (though it seems it's perfectly ok for them to criticise and insult us) It just seems that even the basic building blocks of how our society works is failing and set to fail, sometimes by well intentioned people, often enough by those with a driven political agenda who hate the English with a passion (yes Jack Straw I'm looking at you). It now turns out that the fear of offending another culture (Islamism) has endangered us all.

A fear of offending Muslims allowed extremists into Britain before the 2005 London Tube and bus bombings, a former Labour minister with close links to the intelligence services has admitted.

Kim Howells blamed “political correctness” for fostering a situation in which dozens of extremists being sent to fight the West after being indoctrinated in Britain.
The Daily Telegraph has disclosed this week how terrorist recruits from across Africa and the Middle East flocked to London to claim asylum.
According to leaked detainee files from the US detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, obtained by the WikiLeaks website and passed to The Daily Telegraph, at least 35 detainees were sent to fight against the West after being indoctrinated in Britain.
Mr Howells, a former foreign office minister and chairman of the influential Commons intelligence and security committee, blamed “political correctness” which meant that the extremists and their views were not challenged.
He said: “There is a great reluctance to talk about the whole issue. 
“It was political correctness and it lasted really until the bombings of July in 2005 when everyone realised that these people simply didn't subscribe to political correctness.”  
The Daily Telegraph disclosed today that a leaked US diplomatic cable, sent five days after the July 7 bombings, said Britain ignored repeated warnings to stop granting asylum to Islamic extremists wanted in other countries for terrorism offences.
Mr Howells, who stood down as an MP at the last general election, said that even today there was a nervousness among moderate Muslims and mainstream political debate about tackling head on these inflammatory remarks.

He said: “There's still a great reluctance to take on the basic philosophy that these jihadists argue for, which is that infidels should be killed - that it’s not really a murderous and hellish thing to do to set off a bomb and murder innocent people including innocent Muslims..

“Even now there's a huge reluctance in many of these communities to actually condemn the activities of murderous individuals who spread this kind of poison.
And there you have it, a poisonous fruit was allowed to bloom in these islands and was nurtured by the various governments until it exploded killing 52 people on July the 7th. Yet even now though it's anathema to criticise the Muslim and Islamic communities, those who do are often vilified as racists, Islamophobes, fascists, etc. Derided in the press as the "extreme right" thugs and hooligans and yet they've never set off bombs to kill people, yet are at more risk from losing their jobs if identified with a "right wing" organisation or party. Yet those they criticise seem to still have some immunity from prosecution.
The religion of peace in action.
It does seem at times that the socialists who want to bring down western civilisation may have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, though few seem to have learned from the example of the Iranian socialists massacred after helping in the return of Khomeini. The fanatics we've nurtured under our generous benefits system (we pay them to do nothing other than be fanatics) have even threatened the Royal wedding as a legitimate target for jihad. Yet the Muslim community remains quiet over the whole issue, because no-one is allowed to openly criticise them anymore for fear of offending and those that do offend them such as burning their silly holy book end up with 70 day prison sentences.
Something has to be done soon to remove the cancer of multiculturalism from our shores, something needs to be done to remove the fanatics the system has nurtured in our midst. Yet governments are now paralysed by the human rights act and even end up paying compensation to terrorists, whilst other leftist groups insist there isn't a problem despite the fact that there very obviously is. No, I don't any longer believe that the problem in Islam is just a minority, I believe the problem "is" Islam and is endemic in the Muslim communities who don't deal with their fanatics, because their fanatics control them. Sooner or later though they'll push just too far, they can't seem to help themselves and they'll do something really stupid and we'll deal with them once and for all.
We might regret it or be sorry afterwards (about 50 years afterwards seems to be the average) but we'll still do it.

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Anonymous said...

"Sooner or later though they'll push just too far"

Yes, and there will undoubtedly be a strong reaction, but the important thing, I think, is to keep a record of all the politicos, journalists, 'civil servants', charity voices etc that supported, excused and protected them - RETRIBUTION.

Anonymous said...

The Frankfurt school Marxists have become victims of their own success. They have all but destroyed the old order. The trouble is it has left us defenceless against the Muslim onslaught!! The lefties were too stupid to realise what a potent force Islamism is. They thought it would wither on the vine. Well they now have to make a decision. Do they reverse a lifetimes work, reinvigorate western society, put the clock back and put their project on hold for a generation. Or do they carry on, collapse us from within and see their dreams of a Communist future dashed by the emergence of a Western Islamic nations? My hunch is that they are so stupid they will carry on. The only possible salvation is a complete political revolution throughout the West. If it doesn't happen within 5 years we are doomed!!

Anonymous said...

Such men and women, leftists, liberals, Marxists, socialist civil servants, or whatever current hoi-poloi they call themselves, simply cannot see that they have sunk so low that the shipwreck they have caused are the broken up planks they are standing on. But they will not stand for long. The gale is coming, and if the storm doesn't do them in time will, one-by-one.

It is amazing how how pride and politics breeds such motley fools in great numbers. This great Babel of a crowd all eventually retreat into retirement. To sit in their rockers with their dentures in a glass and dream of their glory days, ha! Tis' pity that makes death call for them so soon, sparing many future lives from knowing that they were just motley fools.