Thursday, April 28, 2011


Only a politician of the left could have come up with this sort of thing and I include both Labour and Lib Dems in this category. When police actually enforce the law and do the jobs we expect them too, the net result is some idiot labour politician describing it as disproportionate, and no, I'm not on about the idiocy in Bristol where it clearly was disproportionate.

Raids on three suspected London squats ahead of the royal wedding were "disproportionate", a Labour MP says.

They seemed to be "some form of pre-emptive strike" before the ceremony, said John McDonnell, who represents Hayes and Harlington in west London.

Twenty people were arrested in Hackney, Camberwell and Sipson on Thursday.

The Metropolitan Police (Met) said it brought forward the operation because of the royal wedding, but stressed it was not directly related to the event.

This week it indicated it would take pre-emptive action to stop people coming to central London on Friday to cause trouble.
Let's be quite clear here squatting in someone else's property or on someone else's land is illegal, no ifs or buts, if it's not yours then it's a form of theft by denial, dress it up in all the fancy words you like, it's still not yours.The one thing that bothers me is the fact that the only reason the police did this was because of the Royal Wedding rather than just closing a squat down as per the normal course of things.
Quite frankly despite the idiocy of John McDonnell who believes that the police should be nice to criminals this is exactly the sort of thing that the police should be doing week in week out, this is the area where zero tolerance should be being enforced.
This address was in Mr McDonnell's constituency and he said police had handcuffed one person before they "forcibly detained" others.

"I believe this disproportionate use of force is unacceptable, he told the Commons.

"I would urge that a minister comes to this house from the Home Office to explain what is exactly happening today, what are the grounds for that action and also to contact the Metropolitan Police commissioner to explain that many of us feel that this is disproportionate and no way to celebrate this joyous wedding."
Yes, there you have it, a Labour MP telling the world that the police should go easy on criminals because it's a Royal Wedding.
Wonder what he'd be saying if the squat was his house?
Bet it wouldn't be "many of us feel that this is disproportionate" that's for sure.

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JuliaM said...

"... this is exactly the sort of thing that the police should be doing week in week out..."

Spot on! It seems an extra Bank Holiday isn't the only fringe benefit of a Royal Wedding! :D

James Higham said...

That's what I've been on about too in the past few days - the blurring of right and wrong. Squatting is theft. Full stop.