Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quite a few of us, aren't there?

A good many people out there suspect (quite rightly) that the reason we're never given a referendum on the EU is that the government know we'll vote to leave, or we'll vote as in the case of something like the Lisbon treaty not to integrate further. The EUphiles know this and will move heaven and earth to make sure that no European country gets a fair say, even to the point of making people vote again as in the case of Ireland if necessary. In fact I suspect that's why we never get any referendums at all, the government has become too estranged from what the people actually want or need.

DAVID Cameron was yesterday given the clearest message yet that the UK should leave the European Union.
The Daily Express’s historic crusade for the country to withdraw from the EU marched on Downing Street.
Editor Peter Hill led a delegation to hand over the bulging sacks of petition coupons signed by 373,000 of our loyal readers.
In an indication of the growing support at Westminster, five senior MPs from both sides of the House of Commons helped to carry the petition to the Prime Minister’s home.
Tory MP Philip Hollobone said: “Congrat­ulations to the Daily Express for saying so clearly what most of Britain actually feels. At least one national newspaper has the guts to speak out on this issue.
“The message has been delivered straight to the door of Number 10. The Prime Minister will certainly take note of the strength of feeling on this.”
The Daily Express’s petition is among the largest collected by a newspaper in living memory. Coupons from 350,000 readers were sent in and a further 23,000 signed up on our website.
It will be ignored of course, oh I'm sure there will be many words in favour being spouted by all and sundry, but the business of selling the UK out to the EU will carry on apace because the vast majority of our MP's are spineless cowards in thrall to the EUphiles leaderships of their parties. Any attempt to get a debate on the EU is immediately stalled by filibustering EUphiles and the use of the government (and opposition) whips to make sure that any attempt by the few brave parliamentarians to do something about our undemocratic ties and lack of sovereignty to the corrupt EU elite are simply ignored or talked out before any damage can be done.
What of course the politicians don't realise is that all they are doing is causing more and more anger amongst the public who see their wishes thwarted by the people they've elected to represent them. This in part is wht the big 2 1/2 political parties are struggling to hold onto membership and actually get people to take an interest in voting. They decry the lack of interest in politics in the UK and then vote against the wishes of the people anyway, perhaps if they actually did what we wanted, people might vote for them, just a thought...
The day though is coming when we'll leave the EU, it's almost becoming inevitable with every decision in favour of the EU that our parliament makes, all those petty little regulations that make our lives less than happy, the collapse of its own currency and the ever growing tensions between the member states along with its immigration policies and import export taxes and regulations. A one size fits all clearly doesn't work for the EU and its becoming ever more apparent. A return to the EEC and the EFTA zone would be the best solution for the EU, except that the politicians (not the people) can't or won't do that. Eventually though the people will make that decision for them and they'll only have themselves to blame.
We should have never joined, we should have left years ago and we should get out now! The only reason we don't can be laid squarely at the door of our political leaders.

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Anonymous said...

As you quite correctly say, there is not the slightest chance of any British Government ever giving us a say on the EU. They are autocrats without a spine. Similar in many respects to all the tyrannical regimes that are under pressure in the Arab world. The only thing that the British political establishment have going for them is that as far as most people in Britain ARE concerned is that unlike Cairo its too bloody cold in Britain to get out on the streets and protest!!!

Furor Teutonicus said...

A little exercise will do wonders for your internal heating problems.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why the Thatcherite Cameron doesn't just do it, accept the vote and take Britain out.

The Daily Express represents middle England, and that’s pretty much what the Tory Party is supposed to represent.

On a personal basis, Cameron can’t like the EU and would probably be glad to get out. After all it would give him more power. He could be a proper prime minister without the EU.

I mean surely Eton boys don't like foreigners telling England what to do. It should suit him, and it would suit the people... and to be honest the Union would be well rid of the UK which has simply been awkward about everything since it joined.

It's a win win win thing. So what on earth is wrong with the fool Cameron.

Does he not know what a referendum is? Maybe Mr Clegg could tell him in a pillow talk setting?

Mind you, he should also come out of a lot of other things. They only cost England money. Money that England needs.

Maybe, if they didn’t spend all that money on subsidising the rest of the EU there would be enough for pensioners.