Monday, February 7, 2011

Lies, damned lies and Socialist Worker stories.

If you're going to tell a lie, at least get your story straight...

Socialist Worker. UAF.
Two homes in Luton were attacked late last night – their windows smashed and the word EDL painted on the front door – just hours after the English Defence League’s (EDL) racist protest through Luton town centre.
The houses are on the edge of Bury Park – where many Asian people live.
Mr Iqbal lives with his mother, brother and sister in one of the houses. He told Socialist Worker, “It happened at around 11.40pm. I was awake but about to go to sleep. I heard a crash and ran to the front of the house to find a brick had been thrown through a window. When I opened the front door, I saw someone had painted EDL on it.
“I couldn’t sleep – I thought they may come back.”
Mr Iqbal is a Muslim. The other house that was attacked belonged to a neighbour a few doors away – who is a Christian.
There is a crucifix on the front of the house, which the bigots of the EDL seemed to miss. The residents stayed up all night, fearful of further attacks.
Odd looking Muslim house with crucifix

1) The EDL had long since left Luton, nor did they deviate from the march.
2) Mr Iqbal said his house was painted on, yet the paint is on the Christian house with the crucifix, unless Mr Iqbal is a very unusual Muslim.
3) The graffiti does not read EDL, that's either a G or a C or just possibly a very strange S, certainly not an E. (Yes the EDL can spell their name)
4) It seems very fortuitous that a Socialist Worker reporter just happened to be there to interview Mr Iqbal.
5) The Socialist Worker has form for this sort of lie, they had an attack on a Bolton Mosque down to the EDL, when it was a local man who was arrested on suspicion of possessing a bladed article and breaking into a vehicle 500 yards away.

House with broken window and no paint on door

Someone's telling porkies here and it's either Mr Iqbal, the Socialist Worker or both. Either way this is a classic smear and an epic fail. Of course I'm assuming there even is a Mr Iqbal...

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JuliaM said...

I'll take 'both'...

English Pensioner said...

"The other house that was attacked belonged to a neighbour a few doors away – who is a Christian.
There is a crucifix on the front of the house,.........."
My "take" would be that it was Muslims who attacked the Christian House, and that they failed to realise that the second house was occupied by a Muslim! Far more plausible.

Imli said...

Take a look here:

OP claims that a Hindu temple was vandalised by the EDL and I news googled it and 4 blogs linked to a rumor came up.

I challenged the OP in the comments to prove the claim to me and... crickets chirped.

Harry's Place should change their motto to 'tell people lies and propaganda they don't want to hear'...

Captain Haddock said...

I'd just like to point out that the so-called "Crucifix" (mentioned twice in the post) isn't ..

Its a simple Cross, which from the look of it, appears to be made from Palm leaves, as distributed on Palm Sunday .. which would make the householder(s) either Catholics or High Anglicans ..

A Cross only becomes a Crucifix when it has the figure of Christ transposed upon it ..

And doesn't everyone in Multi-Culti Britain these days keep a tame SWP reporter on stand-by, for just such an occassion ?