Sunday, February 6, 2011

Culturalism failure

I live in Kent in the Medway area, though I'm not from Kent, still it's a nice county and has a good few interesting places to visit and walk, also London is just 30 miles away if I feel the need to enjoy big city delights, which to be honest is about once a year if that and is mostly a West End show followed by a few drinks. I fit in quite well here, after all I'm English and have pretty much the same roots and outlook in life as the people down here though they (technically) draw their roots back to the Jutes and my antecedents seem to be of Viking ancestry. So you'd think it would be the same for anyone from the same country in that what they have in common would unite them.
Well not in Folkestone...

A SEASIDE town has been turned into a battle zone by rival gangs of Afghan asylum seekers settling tribal differences, terrified residents say.
Tensions between different factions being housed in Folkestone, Kent, erupted into a pitched street battle last week that left one man dead and five seriously injured.
Families living in the area are scared to go out at night, with some fleeing their homes to escape the violence that has come with the influx of immigrants.
Michael Straw, 50, who lives near the scene, has been staying with friends since the mass brawl, said: “It is absolute chaos and like being in a war zone. I felt scared being there and cannot face going back.”
An elderly man, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisal, said: “This used to be a holiday town but in the last few years it’s turned into Beirut.”
Former police officer Malcolm Montgomery added: “There’s a lot of problems around here. I wouldn’t feel happy walking at night.”
Another joy of Labours open door immigration policy, they're even from the same country and they don't get on with themselves never mind the people here. We can't even deport them, their human rights would be breached if we did as their rights trump the residents who only want a peaceful life and don't want Folkestone turned into a war zone. They've brought their culture with them and it isn't the usual ethnic cuisine restaurants you normally see springing up, it's their tribal warfare. And no it's got nothing to do with their religion, the Afghan tribes have been fighting each other since before the days of Alexander the Great, we've just imported a tribal war that has its roots back to the days of prehistory. It's not a multiculturalism failure either, they're the same culture and they aren't fighting the locals (yet) but they have some of the locals scared out of their wits.
Something needs to be done, starting with leaving the EU and scrapping the Human Rights Act and replacing it with something that suits our needs and that of the law abiding people here. These Afghans need to be deported to where they can butcher each other without involving us, Afghanistan perhaps or Somalia at a push. And no, I don't care if their lives will be endangered if we deport them, that's their lookout, our country, our rules, live with them or leave.

If only...

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WitteringsfromWitney said...

"And no, I don't care if their lives will be endangered if we deport them, that's their lookout, our country, our rules, live with them or leave."

(a)neither do I

(b) if only indeed!