Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strangers in a strange land

You have to wonder at the path at which society is heading, where the native population are treated as second class citizens and denied access to rate payer funded ventures.

Two mothers who were kicked out of a council-funded playgroup spoke of their humiliation today after being told the group was for immigrant families only.
Emma Knightley, 25, and Kimberley Wildman, 27, turned up at the 'Making Links' playgroup with their children Imogen, 21 months, and Olivia, 18 months.  
But they were stunned when organisers at the centre in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, ordered them to leave after demanding to know 'what country are you from?'
The best friends were told that only foreign mothers and their children are welcome at the council-funded playgroup - which they have accused of discrimination.  
Shop worker Emma, who lives in St Neots, booked a place at the playgroup six weeks ago after it was recommended by a mixed-race friend.
She said: 'The first thing I was asked about was my nationality and when I said I was British I was told we had to leave.  
'She said are you not aware this is for foreign people only? 
'I said I knew it was trying to integrate people into the community but didn't realise that meant British people and their children were banned.  
'I felt humiliated. It shouldn't matter what nationality you are we shouldn't be discriminated against.  
'You wouldn't get away with a British-only mum and children's group
Can you imagine the uproar if these two ladies had been any colour other than white? The state would have come down on them like a ton of bricks along with the Commission for Racial Equality as well as various other bleeding heart righteous groups. face it, you just wouldn't get away with it, it's along the same lines as the Black Police Association,try and set up a white one and see what you get, reverse discrimination at its finest.
It's even coming out of ratepayers (and probably taxpayers) money too from the local community for a facility that most wouldn't be allowed to join if they had kids. And if it's to help them integrate, why aren't there English kids around to help? Or could it be that it's just a mutually exclusive "non white" club that's cheap and not there to help them integrate at all but to help them keep apart?
I fear that a time is coming when this country is going to explode in riots and civil disobedience the likes that haven't been seen since the Chartist movement and at the brunt of it will be all those who don't look like they fit in. It unfortunately wont be the idiots who put policies like this in place, it will be those who were told that it was ok to stay apart from the populace.
No-one from St Neots Town Council was available for comment.
Sounds about right, I suspect they've gone to ground as this is one charge they'll struggle to give a decent answer too. After all how can anyone integrate if they aren't allowed to mix with the locals?
Roger Owen, administrator for Making Links, said 'We have had an issue with men turning up before and back then we told them the group is strictly for mothers so it's nothing to do with racial discrimination.'
No that makes it racist and sexist you prick!

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Foxy Brown said...

It beggars belief that the liberal gangrene has spread to a Cambridgeshire market town.

Woman on a Raft said...

My guess is that this is down to the organizers operating a discriminatory policy which the funders are not aware of. I'm also pretty sure (without checking at this stage) that its insupportable legally and will be stopped sharpish.

Roger Owen is a complete idiot who shouldn't be making statements at all as he doesn't speak English well enough.

Anonymous said...

Good post Quiet Man. Very sadly this situation is merely reflective of thousands of such incidents all around the country. This is all being deliberately designed by frankfurt school Marxists intent on making our society dysfunctional. In their work they are abley assisted by the legions of useful idiots working as jobsworths in local authorities and QUANGOS. As long ago as 20 years I was barred from a public swimming pool in deepest hampshire because a Muslim swimming session was in place. well stuff them if Muslim women find it beneath themselves to swim with infidel males in my humble opinion they should bloody well naff off and buy their own private pool.

This country is run by very devious marxists who are playing a very dangerous game which often uses immigrants as their pawns. I suspect that in the end that what will prevail will not be communism but instead a sharia law state.

James Higham said...

Let's just add this one to the list.