Monday, January 10, 2011


I have precious little time for the BNP or the English Democrats, despite the latter having more in common with my desire to see an English Parliament. Yet in a democracy I do believe they have a right to their say in public meetings of the candidates in the Oldham by-election.

The English Democrats candidate had to do his speeches outside the meeting.

The BNP candidate got thrown out by police out of the meeting by the police.

Seems a disgruntled Labour councillor wasnt to happy that the council were giving the BNP and the English Democrats a platform. So he went to the event organisers to complain, he then returned to the event room and told the two candidates that they were no longer welcome. The BNP candidate refused to move explaining that it was his right to be there. So the police were called. The police consulted with the event organisers, they then escorted Derek Adams out like a criminal. (In this case I'm not blaming the police)
Now from a libertarian point of view, whoever hired the hall has the right to say who attends or not, no one has to break the law as such. It would be the same if you had a party there, you would have the right to invite or even dis-invite who you wish and the police would have ejected them, normally that is. However, if (and it is a big if as I don't know as yet) it was a council run hustings, by law they can not promote one candidate over another. As the council is the organisation charged with running the election this is a serious matter. If I were in a senior position in the BNP or the English Democrats I would be getting legal advice, and looking to press charges, if this is the case.

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James Higham said...

Of course they have the right to speak.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AQM: In this regard I am with you 100%, even though I have no sympathy with the BNP or their policies - and the same goes for the EDM.

Although my party's candidate was on the platform and can be seen, I find it disgusting that the other candidates (all of them, including mine) sat idly by and let this happen without any protest on their part!

And we are a democratic country? Spheroids!

Anonymous said...

All they had to do was inform the local Council that they wanted to use one of the public buildings in the constituency, which is freely at any candidate's disposal for the duration of the campaign period, advertise and hold their own hustings - simples.
It is the prerogative of the hustings organisers to invite whomever they wish, you could say that that is another facet of democracy.
Don't blame the "big" three for being more organised - get organised and beat them at their own game.

Guthrum said...

Don't blame the "big" three for being more organised -

This is a common thread with the big three, in Norwich North by election with the exeption of the 'acceptable greens' every other candidate was excluded.

This is public property and each party has to pay the same £500 deposit.

Andrew Withers
Libertarian Party

Stephen Gash said...

If you are so concerned about democrracy, how come my last post wasn't published?

Phoenix said...

So you don't like the English Democrats. No problem with that but that dismissal does not solve the real problem of these Isles, the democratic deficit. It simply avoids the issue much as the British government does. Doing nothing but dismissing those that try is not an answer.
So which viable party do you recommend as representing the people of England to end the unfairness of a biased devolution that makes we English Second class citizens in the UK? I would venture the only alternative being the SNP but they are probably bluffing and will not go for independence.

Quiet_Man said...

I don't like the English democrats for their association with the English Independence Party, until they drop that association I cannot support them. Steve Uncles, part owner of the English Democrats Party, acted as the election agent for Chris Nickerson in the 2005 General Election. Chris Nickerson was standing for his own English Independence Party under a manifesto commitment to repatriate immigrants:


4.3 Repatriation
The number of immigrants and people from immigrant families now living in England has become so great that the time has come to turn the inward flow into an outward flow. We will implement a 20 year programme of the repatriation of post-WW2 immigrants. This will be carried out sympathetically but with determination. It will be done by 'Constructive Repatriation' i.e. by the normal government process of passing Acts of Parliament which will make England less and less attractive for the immigrants to remain. - English Independence Party Manifesto, 2005

Quiet_Man said...

@ Steven Gash,

I don't know where your post went, I don't moderate on anything under 7 days old and it's not in the google spam folder.

Anonymous said...

Guthrum, If the "big" three are to be beaten it must be by using the same ammunition. Make sure that all the smaller parties, by that I mean the ones that are likely to be excluded from future election hustings. get together, book public buildings (free) get the advertising out there in good time and invite the public to attend and to put their questions. nothing could be easier.

Phoenix said...

Steve Uncles has numerous qualities, most not useful to the English Democrat cause. I was on the NC of the Eng Dems for some time and can confirm that there is no alliance with any racist party. That includes the EIP. I do understand that S Uncles did try to ensure that nationalist parties did not compete for the same vote. With nationalist votes so scarce I can see merit in that. It does not mean that you agree with their agenda. It is in the interests of rival parties to paint all nationalist parties as right wing racist. I would rather read & believe their manifestos than listen to professional detractors hired by other parties.

With respect to Anonymous post of 7.55pm I would say, can you imagine the outcry from political pundidts if any minor party collaborated in any way with the BNP? See above for the answer.

Toque said...

"can confirm that there is no alliance with any racist party"

Maybe not now, but there was, and there will be again if Steve Uncles thinks it will help. The National Council of the EDP are a bunch of slack-jawed and/or spineless idiots who are either too stupid to understand the damage that Uncles does or are too wet to depose him. Or both. And I include you in that, Phoenix.

Your party is a disgrace.