Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was canvassed today by the local Labour Party not just me of course, my whole street and possibly the neighbouring streets as well. As the local elections are due this year it's not too surprising if a little early. They also brought around a little survey highlighting the national policies of the Conservatives, particularly those which hit us in the pocket, it also claimed Labour had a better, kinder way, though no-one I've spoken too or read seems to have a clue what it is, well until now.
They want to get additional money from the banks (without mentioning that the banks will inevitably get it back, banks are good at this, they wouldn't stay in business if they weren't.
They claim they want to make tough but fair cuts to public services, keeping the vital ones intact. But then again as Labour consider multiculturalism and diversity co-ordinators to be vital services I couldn't see much changing really, the unions would put the boot in funding wise if they tried to get realistic anyway.
They also want to ensure banks pay their share (really got a thing about banks have Labour) Apparently they want to make sure those who bear the greatest responsibility for the economic crisis shoulder their fair share. Strangely enough there's no mention of the Labour Party in that comment about who were responsible for the banking blunders by their putting the FSA in charge of the banks as well as spending the nations finances into the ground by PFI initiatives, selling off our gold cheap, raiding our pensions etc.
Somehow though I doubt they'd like the Labour Party to pay its share of the cost of wrecking our economy, they're not exactly overflowing with cash themselves.
They have short memories do Labour, but then again I suppose they hope that the general public do as well, particularly those of us who vote. Though at a local level, there's a bit of a difference as to what people will vote on, a popular local candidate may well be voted in time and time again against the national trends and as this area (Medway) is a pretty rock solid Conservative area I can't see Labour managing to upset the balance here, though they may get back a few seats where they were overturned in marginals. There was also a leaflet introducing the local candidates, apparently they are putting local people first, well that's their slogan. No mention of how or what they are going to do to put local people first, it could even be read that they intend to put local people first up against the wall of a firing squad, though I doubt it, just a meaningless slogan that sounds better than it really is, words cost nothing after all (other than the printing cost)
Still, I'll wait patiently to see what local policies the local parties say they are going to do, whilst I'll take notice of the national situation, it isn't that big an issue at local level. Medway council are still overstuffed with politically correct schemes (smoke busters being a notorious example), translation services et al, but by and large they leave me alone, keep the streets clean and the lights on. When I needed help to get out of the street last winter they dropped off a load of salt for the residents to help themselves (and we did).
What Labour will do I don't know, till I do, I wont even consider voting for them, national politics be damned.

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microdave said...

You're lucky that the Liebor party knock on your door - I can't remember that last time that happened to us. I would dearly love the opportunity to ask them some pertinent questions!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who votes deserve what they get.
Only rather simple people vote.

Quiet_Man said...

Well anonymous, if you don't vote you can't change anything, at least legally. You could of course try to overthrow the state by violent means, but I doubt you'd get very far with that at all, they'd simply lock you up...

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Fair comment AQM, fair comment. What amazes me is that the electorate seem to be supporting a party they could not wait to get rid of and seem to forget that that party basically caused the bloody mess we are in. Fickle doesn't even begin to explain it!