Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow, snow, quick, quick, snow

Bloody awful this global warming isn't it? It's fairly chilly sitting where I sit at the moment, all the doors are open and they are loading trailers at a rate of knots as they aren't sure what the weathers going to do over the next few days, so in typical private industry style they are getting it out whilst they can (ooer missus!)
So what's the official line for the rest of the country?


Snow prompts health authorities to urge Britons to stay inside

Health services have advised against travelling unless absolutely necessary as the freezing weather leads to a surge in injuries. 

Up to ten inches more snow is expected over the next 24 hours with icy conditions remaining beyond Christmas.
Blizzards up and down the country are causing poor visibility for motorists and roads that have been cleared are likely to become treacherous as they ice up overnight.

Yep, take time off and relax, never mind that your bosses and customers might be relying on you, just phone in and say "It's snowing" 
It's official, the Health service says so cos they don't want any extra work that our taxes pay them to do anyway. This is the same health services in which wages have gone up but productivity went down. Still, I don't know about you, but I'll be making the attempt to get to work tomorrow, having a 4 x 4 will help no doubt, but I'd feel honour bound to make the attempt anyway. There was only one day this year when I couldn't make it in, it was when I couldn't get my old Mondeo up the hill at the end of my street, I've changed cars since then, though I may still just park on the flat bit on the other side of my streets bollards that make it a cul de sac. Best not to take a chance that someone else might just block the street. Most people will be on their weekends, so the roads shouldn't be too bad, though it will be interesting to see what happens on Monday, if some decide they fancy an extra few days off leading up to Christmas. Might not be that many though, the teachers are now on their hols and they seem to be the biggest culprits next to council admin workers.
Still, it does look nice, if a bit cold.

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subrosa said...

I think it's shocking the schools are closed for so long, especially when may days have already been lost. A three week plus holiday? We had a day for Christmas and a day for New Year and we thought ourselves lucky because, until the 60s, Christmas Day wasn't a public holiday in Scotland.

No more snow here as yet but -7 right now. No doubt if will come as it's bad further north.

William Palfreman said...

I do hope you have snow tyres on your 4wd, it makes all the difference. If it is the top-heavy conventional type of 4wd they are lethal in snow without the right tyres. Even a front wheel drive like a Mondeo should have been fine with snow tyres on. Get them mail order from Germany, cheaper and they are always in stock.