Thursday, December 16, 2010

Justice? I don't think so.

Asylum seekers are here on our good sufferance, we let them stay here because they may face persecution at home (the genuine ones anyway) In return we expect them to obey our laws and generally keep their noses clean, we don't expect them to kill people unlawfully and then be allowed to stay, well not unless you're a judge anyway.

An asylum-seeker who left a girl dying under the wheels of his car while banned from driving can stay in the UK, two immigration judge have ruled.
Iraqi Kurd Aso Mohammed Ibrahim was jailed for four months after knocking down Amy Houston in Blackburn in 2003.
Her father Paul Houston, from Darwen, told judges last month they had the power to bring his "seven years of hell to an end" by sending Ibrahim to Iraq.
But two senior immigration judges have now ruled he can remain in the UK.
The judges agreed with Ibrahim's legal team's case that his human rights would be impinged if he was sent back to Iraq.
And what about Amy Houston's human right not to be run down by a driver who was banned? Why should we allow an asylum seeking murderer* leave to remain here, I don't care if his human rights are infringed by sending him back to Iraq, he's already made it damned clear he doesn't give a shit about our human rights or laws!
And only 4 months for killing someone whilst banned? Justice has become a joke in this country and some out there wonder at the rise of the EDL when people like this just get a seemingly slap on the wrist and then to add insult to injury are allowed to stay!
Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, should have served 25 years, if possible transferred to an Iraqi jail, if not taken from prison after his sentence, put on a plane and dropped off at Baghdad airport and at the moment I'm of the opinion that dropped off should be at 25,000 feet!

*Call it manslaughter if you will, but killing someone whilst driving a car after you're banned puts it into the category of murder in my eyes.

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Anonymous said...

I seem to remember 'strange but true' court decisions occasionally when reading the papers ~40 years ago. Usually in the USA or somewhere else.

It now appears that the UK generates a fair proportion of the 'you cannot be serious!' legal decisions. And the reason for that IMO is the lousy ill thought through legislation that has been imposed on us since 1997. "'uman rights" without accompanying responsibilities. Entitlements for selected groups funded by liabilities on others. Crazy ideological hobby horses are transcribed as even worse thought out legislation. That must be the reason why We, The People are to be forced to pay for a huge array of windmills that will not replace a kilowatt of non-renewable generating capacity, whilst generating massive subsidies to the operators. The moral must be 'Be careful what you wish for', except that I doubt that many of the proponents of the lunatic legislation actually suffer any consequences of their decisions - the rest of us have to...

Anonymous said...

If someone comes to this country & commits a crime, they should automatically forfeit their Human rights,
It seems the powers that be don't have any common sense, don't live in the real world & don't listen to us who do live in the real world...
If we cant rely on them to protect us, who do we rely on.
who else can we turn to.....

Anonymous said...

What the f**k is wrong with these people?
How can someone come here, break our laws, commit murder and still be walking the streets?
If I were Amy's father I would get in my car and run the bastard over. Apparently you only get 4 months in prison.
What can we do put this right ?????

Anonymous said...

Yes what can we do to put this bas---d where he belongs? No doubt he is also living on benifts paid by us. What sort of country is this where we have no say?

James Higham said...

These are the sorts of things which are going to cause a conflagration as the money and food run out.

Anonymous said...

only rights this shit has is the right to be stung up by amys dad now thats JUSTICE

Anonymous said...

This man should have no rights at all when on earth are we going to stand up to these people and get our country back, 4 months for murder as someone else said it should have been 25 years. What is wrong with the judge its time to get back in the real world. Send him back all of us care as much about him as he cares about us.