Thursday, November 4, 2010

It just keeps getting better

I don't often post on foreign going ons, save only when they impact on England and/or the UK, though I did watch and enjoy the USA voters giving Obama and his democrats a broad hint about what they thought of his policies so far, i.e. stop now because if you thought this was bad, wait two years.
One of the side benefits though at least according to John Prescott (one of Labours great thinkers) though oddly enough he doesn't see it as a benefit, is that there now can be no deal on climate change.


Barack Obama's setback in the US mid-term elections has killed of any hope of securing a legally binding global climate change deal, John Prescott has said. 

Negotiators should ditch hopes of enforceable targets on emissions reductions and push instead for a voluntary framework at the upcoming Cancun summit, the former deputy prime minister said.
After President Barack Obama's ''shellacking'' at the hands of Republican opponents in mid-term elections, there was no prospect of the US Congress approving legal requirements to cut greenhouse gas emissions, said Lord Prescott, who was a key UK negotiator at the Kyoto global warming conference in 1997. 
Lord Prescott, now the Council of Europe rapporteur on climate change issues, said that the Kyoto Protocol should be extended for five years beyond its 2012 expiry date to allow time for a voluntary system of verifiable emission reductions to be introduced.
After the failure to achieve a legally binding agreement at last year's Copenhagen summit, it would be ''disastrous'' if the UN-sponsored gathering kicking off in the Mexican city of Cancun on November 29 were also to end in stalemate, he said.
I mean apart from talking complete bollocks and totally unable to understand that climate change has been totally discredited by the CRU tapes, more and more evidence coming in showing that it's actually getting colder. There is also the obstacle that more savvy politicians (i.e. not Labour or Liberal ones) are beginning to suspect that the public have seen through the whole charade and realise like most causes political that it's just another tax grab.
Prescott's just another fading ex politician who never realised the harm he and various other politicians and environmentalists did to this country. Unfortunately he still gets media space when all he deserves is mockery and scorn.


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English Pensioner said...

If nothing else, the American people and their leaders know that the country is going through a hard time, and that this is not the time to start incurring extra costs. Unfortunately for Obama, he didn't recognise this situation, but I think that most politicians in both parties now do.
The EU, on the other hand, is just pressing on regardless, spending money as if there is no tomorrow as well as piling up costs on businesses in terms of more rules and regulation, extra maternity leave, etc. But then, of course, they don't have to stand for election so they are free to continue with the global warming nonsense.
I have no expectation of Cameron doing anything about it, I think our only hope now is that the German people may decide is enough is enough and force the restoration of the Deutschmark when more countries need to be bailed out, which will probably lead to the end of the EU.
One can but hope.

James Higham said...

Yes, it's possibly the best result we could have hoped for out of that.

All Seeing Eye said...

Some people are working out that it's all a sham and that there's nothing behind the faked data - but not enough people and not fast enough to prevent economic meltdown and power blackouts within the next decade.

Unfortunately Cameron has closed his mind to it, and the EU are full steam ahead sensing a chance to tax and spend more. Hopefully a new burst of realism is on its way from the US.