Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I don't blame them at all for this

Israel produces extremes of belief and behaviour in the UK, most people are pro or anti in a way that defies description for a small democratic country in the Middle East. One of the ways that those who hate the very existence of the Jewish state has been the use in British law of "mischievous" arrest warrants based on universal jurisdiction, which holds that some alleged crimes are so grave that they can be tried anywhere, regardless of where the offences were committed.Which is utter bollocks though a useful tool for the rabid left and its Islamic adherents. What goes on in other countries that doesn't involve our citizens is after all no business of our courts, it's a job for diplomats and politicians assuming that they want to get involved. But this after all is Israel we are talking about and normal rules it seems do not apply, though there was an attempt by Tibetans apparently to arrest the Premier of China when he was here, again much as I sympathise with them, it's no business of the British justice system what the Chinese do in Tibet whether it's reprehensible or not. I'd have thought heads of state and other politicians would automatically have diplomatic immunity, though as I'm no expert on law, I don't know.

Israel is postponing "strategic dialogue" with Britain over defence and security issues, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman has said.
The move is a protest over attempts to use British law to prosecute visiting Israeli officials, the spokesman added.
The news comes on the first day of an official visit to Israel by the UK's Foreign Secretary William Hague.
The Foreign Office said the British government was moving to curb the use of "mischievous" arrest warrants.
Mr Hague will also be visiting the occupied territories during his visit.
An arrest warrant was issued through UK courts for Israeli former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni in December last year. The warrant was granted by a London court at the request of Palestinian plaintiffs, provoking Israeli anger.
It was revoked when it was found Ms Livni was not visiting the UK.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman denied that the latest development was a deliberate "ambush" to humiliate Mr Hague.
Earlier this week it was reported that Israel's Intelligence Minister, Dan Meridor, cancelled a trip to Britain amid concerns that he risked being arrested on war crimes charges.
Israel has expressed anger that, in the past, ministers and senior military figures have had to cancel visits to the UK because of concerns that pro-Palestinian groups might use the courts to seek their arrest over Israeli military action in Gaza, or this year's raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship in which nine Turkish activists were killed.
Pro-Palestinian campaigners have tried several times to have Israeli officials arrested under the principle of universal jurisdiction, which holds that some alleged crimes are so grave that they can be tried anywhere, regardless of where the offences were committed.
The BBC's Wyre Davies said the news that Israel was postponing an annual round of strategic talks with Britain was potentially embarrassing, even though the Conservatives have already promised to amend those laws which could expose visiting Israeli politicians to arrest.
 Yes this is a slap in the face for the UK, no I don't think this is a deliberate dig at Hague save only that the government should have done something about this law when it became an issue. As I said above what Israel or indeed any other country chooses to do in its own land or with their neighbours is no business of the courts it is not a matter for the law at all, human rights violations or not, it's a matter for politicians and diplomats. Arresting foreign visitors or serving them with a warrant serves no purpose other than to embarrass the UK government and makes negotiations all the more difficult and leads to situations like this. Of course that is exactly what the spoilt brats of the leftist Palestinian alliance want but pandering to their lunacy is not the way for the law or the government to act. They can protest, they can boycott, they cannot and must not have the right to arrest a foreign citizen who has committed no crime in the UK or the EU (damnation upon that European arrest warrant too) because such things sooner or later come back to haunt you with a vengeance.

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All Seeing Eye said...

Where does this stop? It's an offence in France to show "disrespect to a public servant". The moment the UK arrests and deports someone under an EU warrant for that is the day we're all doomed.

We're already at the point now that a politician or a military man can't, for example, take the family to Marbella for a week without risking the attention of an activist Spanish judge with a warrant and an agenda over Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo etc etc.