Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wonder how the warmists will spin this one

One of the more amusing aspects of global warming, climate change, global climate disruption (and there isn't that much amusing about the amount of money this scam has raked in from the taxpayers) has been the ever more increasingly shrill explanations from the warmist camps in the face of colder and colder weather. We've had the "colder winters are all part of global warming" explanation which sounded lame even to warmists, coupled with the "weather is not climate" explanation which is now wearing a bit thin as enough weather does equal climate eventually.

BRITAIN faces a succession of harsh winters like those seen half a century ago when the country shivered in some of the coldest conditions on record.
One forecaster suggested we may even have a white Christmas this year.
The warnings come as temperatures plummeted in parts of the country to -6.6C (20.1F) on Sunday night, making it the coldest in October for 17 years.
Worldwide forecaster Weather ­Services International blamed a ­global La Nina weather pattern that sees ocean temperatures cool by up to 5C, ­subsequently cooling the rest of the planet.
Spokesman Dr Todd Crawford said: “As we head into winter, most of our important climate ­indicators are at or near record levels. Based on all of the available evidence, we expect a winter with below‑normal temperatures across the UK.
“Further, we expect the coldest weather to be early and late in the winter, with the potential for a very mild spell during the heart of winter.” He said conditions over the past three years suggested a return to weather patterns like those of the ­Fifties and Sixties.
The harsh winters of half a century ago have passed into legend. The nation came close to a standstill in the Great Freeze of 1963 when the sea off Kent froze and temperatures ­struggled to get above freezing for months on end. Last year we shivered in the ­coldest winter for 30 years.
Ian Michaelwaite, of Netweather, said: “This winter, we are convinced, is going to be colder than average for the third year in a row which is quite rare. Through November into ­December there is a good chance of a bitter cold spell which might lead to a white Christmas.
So, even the meteorologists are starting to have to skirt around the fact that it's obviously not getting any warmer, though there tendency to throw in terms like "rare" and "hurricane" as a smokescreen doesn't exactly fill me with confidence in their predictions either. They have been known to predict the weather for tomorrow completely wrong after all.
Still the house of cards that was global warming, climate change, global climate disruption continues to collapse. I suspect we're only a matter of a couple of years away from a new scam of global cooling starting up because of a lack of heavy industry in India, China and the rest of the third world so we must give them a lot more of our cash to heat up the world.
Meanwhile our pensioners will die as we struggle through a succession of cold winters because of the price of the environmental levy on fuel bills coupled with the fact that on the coldest of days, the bird choppers wind farms don't work.
I expect that will be about the time that the politicians will distance themselves from the green lobby and deny they ever believed in global warming, climate change, global climate disruption, but we know who they are, Huhne, Milliband E,  most of the Labour party and Lib Dems too, as well as far too many Tories.
They saw it as a tax scam, hopefully we'll make them pay for their greed and arrogance, but it will I suspect be a pyrrhic victory as these so called leaders will have lead the country into disaster and depression as we wont have the means necessary to keep our people alive in bitterly cold winters.

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Anonymous said...

"global cooling starting up because of a lack of heavy "

That's OK, just build some good old fashioned power staions, add heating elements to the windmills and it's solved. Instant fan heaters!

Anonymous said...

I disagree. The entire Global Warming story was told for one initial major reason. To wit, to break the stranglehold that the anti-nuke folks had on power generation policy. The trend of shutting down Nuke plants had to be stopped. That others jumped aboard the train is almost irrelevent.

James Higham said...

See they're hitting electricity in stages.

The witch from Essex said...

I was nearly 15 during the 1963 and I don't even recall being cold !
Evenings in the local coffee bar with a delicious 'Gold Leaf' tipped cigarette or two.
Friday and Saturday nights in the pub (after persuading the landlord that we were all 18) Couple of gin and oranges and a few delicious 'Gold Leaf' tipped cigarettes.
Sunday night at the 'pictures' with a couple of delicious 'Gold Leaf' tipped cigarettes.

Something has changed nowadays, and I can't think what !!!

Anonymous said...

What's all this global warming?

Tell it to freezing pensioners....

Oh well, it just goes to show I was right to refuse to make any kind of effort at all on the recycling front (or indeed the cycling front).

It all goes in the same bin, and if the council wants to sort it out, they can. I'm far too busy trying to keep warm.

As for the cycling...where I go my car goes too.

riddler said...

keep an eye on "biodiversity" as the next scam.

English Pensioner said...

If we are going to have more cold winters, we are going to have massive electric power cuts. For the last couple of years, the Electricity Generating companies have only just managed to meet demand, the year before last it being more by luck than judgement. The equipment is getting old, no new power stations are being built (except windmills) and demand is increasing, if only due to the ever increasing population. And remember, your gas fired central heating requires electricity to keep it going!
I'm on the look-out for a cheap small diesel generator (you can legally store diesel, and use the red sort if you can get it!)