Monday, October 25, 2010

Not (in) the 9 o'clock news

Well you wouldn't have noticed it yesterday, it's certainly not in the MSM either the dead tree press or on it's online versions, not a mention on BBC or Sky either. The EDL were out on a protest yesterday, outside the Israeli Embassy, supporting the right of the Israeli state to exist. There was unfortunately no violence, save only an attempt by the great unwashed UAF to throw a bucket of water over the P.A system.

The (clearly) racist EDL earlier

The (clearly) homophobic EDL marching, note the pink Union Flag.

The only real trouble on the day happened when Rabbi Shifren attempted to speak at Hyde Park Speakers Corner, apparently the Muslims there did not like the idea of free speech to the police refused to allow his right of freedom of speech and turned him and the EDL contingent away, seems there were many complaints from the EDL’s opponents that a foreigner was somehow being allowed to speak for them.  These are probably the very same people who have the gall to call the EDL racist and xenophobic.

 A peaceful anti-EDL protester being given a hug by the police. Seems this is one un-pc PC who did not get the memo on how to treat the special ones

So, there you go, unless there is violence directed at the EDL, it doesn't get into the news and even when it does, the EDL invariably end up being judged by the MSM in a bad light. There is an agenda still being promoted by the "Righteous" and their minions that everything is ok in this country and that multiculturalism and open door immigration policies were welcomed by the people of the UK with open arms. That those who opposed this were violent racists and probably fascist homophobes to boot.
The EDL are no saints, but clearly the evidence is building that they are more sinned against than sinners. Those who oppose them are the ones directing the violence on the streets and the smears in the MSM. However hard they try though, the truth is emerging that multiculturalism and open door immigration policies particularly those that have brought in Sharia law and radical Islam are no longer being tolerated by the English at least. The EDL appear to be a genuine grass roots movement and they are not going away any time soon, this is something that the "Righteous" have brought upon themselves and something they don't understand and can never control.

They can get their lies out quicker, but sooner or later the truth will out.

3 annotations:

Sue said...

Of course, sooner or later the MSM will have to report who it is that actually does cause the violence.

Quiet_Man said...

I wouldn't hold your breath on it being any time soon Sue. Trying to get to the truth of the matter is difficult, even if you read both sides of the story.

Anonymous said...

My family were at the event with their kids. Normal people belong to the EDL and they are the majority.
The MSM only like to show the shaven head thugs.
These thugs are a very small minority of the movement and once these idiots are booted out by the 'respectable' members the group will have more credibility.
The majority of the English people hold similar views to the EDL but are either too lazy or too scared to join them