Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thou shalt not

You'd think the Anglican church at least would have a grasp of some of the essential commandments, not the ones about God as many of us suspect God has very little to do with the machinations of the upper echelon Anglicans. I'm talking about the basic ones for life, don't lie, don't cheat. don't steal, those ones.


Thousands of bogus weddings may have taken place in Anglican ceremonies throughout the country, an investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has uncovered. 

One vicar said he had been instructed by the Church to conduct marriages even after he warned officials that he believed they were bogus.
A senior Government source accused Church officials of failing to take sufficient steps to stop bogus marriages, which can grant foreigners the right to stay in Britain and claim benefits. 
The investigation found that the issuing of marriage licences, required for foreigners to marry in church, has almost trebled in five years. Church figures show that the number of common licences issued rose from 1,650 in 2004 to 4,632 last year.
The leap followed the introduction of rules in 2005 which required non-EU nationals to obtain a certificate of approval from the Home Office before they could marry in a civil ceremony at a register office. The Church of England was exemp­ted from the clampdown.
Furthermore, Anglican clergy are not legally required to report suspicious marriages, even though register offices have been compelled to do so for more than a decade.
The figures appear to indicate that the Government has underestimated the scale of the scam, and last night prompted calls for the Church to "wake up" to the problem.
A senior Government source said: "There is concern at high levels that some parts of the Church of England are not taking this as seriously as they should. The attitude seems to vary from diocese to diocese, and we clearly need more work in some dioceses."
Bishops have now admitted that a "loophole" has left the Church vulnerable to criminals arranging marriages of convenience.
Official Home Office estimates for the number of sham marriages that take place each year show a decline from 3,578 in 2004 to 561 in 2009.
Even when they suspected they were bogus weddings the vicars were told to put up and shut up. It's a very profitable sideline for the diocese after all, they get their cut.
However, Father Tim Codling, rector at Tilbury, Essex, claims that he was repeatedly ignored when he tried to warn Church authorities that he suspected the majority of weddings in his church to be fake.
He alleges that he was told he would face disciplinary action if he refused to conduct the ceremonies.
"I got the feeling that they thought I was being awkward and difficult," says Fr Codling.
"I was given the impression they were thoroughly disinterested in what I was saying.

Sounds about right, the immigration scam in this country caused by the previous government went down several avenues and the State church, like the BBC and various other organs of the "Righteous" were complicit in trying to change the demographics of the UK especially England to rub the rights face in the wonders of multiculturalism and diversity. It was to be a brave new world in which their new immigrant pets would do the work and be grateful enough to vote for them whilst the indigenous welfare pets would be grateful enough with their benefits to also vote for them. After all, what could go wrong? I mean apart from the working classes deciding they didn't like these non integrating foreigners, especially the ones with the violent religion and the odd habit of marrying their cousins, the favoured of the "Righteous" who could do no wrong in their eyes. Well at least until they voted for their own people, wanted their own laws enshrined instead of the state ones and set about causing trouble once their population levels reached critical mass.
Not that the "Righteous" have to live with it yet, though you can tell they are becoming increasingly uneasy with their pets and quite worried about those who have decided enough is enough. 10 years ago the scream of "racist" would have been enough to send the opposition scurrying away unable to debate such vitriol. Nowadays the tendency when being called racist is to say "so what" and carry on protesting anyway. Not even the states brownshirts can keep a lid on things these days, their numbers are fading away as the tide of public concern grows and people want solutions to the immigrant problem before its too late. The "Righteous" also faced a stunning blow when the German Chancellor stated that multiculturalism was an utter failure, very tricky when one of your own breaks ranks.Though it had become increasingly obvious that it was a failure and that the "Righteous" had allowed a fifth column of alien origin into their midst which didn't care for anyones sensibilities other than their own. Happy to use the "Righteous" yes, but definitely their own agenda which was convert to our religion, pay us protection money, or die.
I can't help wonder when the "Righteous" will seek to use the native rebels to tackle the foreign body in their midst, can't be long now, it's what they do when their status quo is upset, look for a scapegoat and ride the tiger and still end up running things. Though I suspect they're a little bit worried about a Ceaucescu moment if it gets really out of control, that's probably why our army is in Afghanistan rather than at home, last thing they need is people with guns around.

The next few years are going to be interesting and possibly quite violent.

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The witch from Essex said...

David Cameron has announced he intends to make it more difficult to claim benefits.

From next week the forms will only be printed in English.

James Higham said...

The "Righteous" also faced a stunning blow when the German Chancellor stated that multiculturalism was an utter failure, very tricky when one of your own breaks ranks.

That was for a specifically German reason though.

Quiet_Man said...

Yes James, but it got worldwide attention, something they didn't really want.

English Pensioner said...

And the "Righteous" weren't too happy when the French started to deport the Roma (soon to be seen in a town near you!). Their representatives in Brussels protested and threatened France with sanctions; France continued, so they decided to "defer action pending further investigation", that is do nothing. Clearly they preferred the comfort of their (non-)jobs in Brussels rather than face the possibility, however remote, that the French might tell them where to go and withdraw from the EU.
Cameron should have adopted the same approach with the EU budget, and demanded a reduction.

Anonymous said...

If the church authorities really did say 'carry on regardless' then they are to be condemned. However...

"He alleges that he was told he would face disciplinary action if he refused to conduct the ceremonies." even vicars are jobsworths these days?( "When Did ‘Jobsworth’ Gain The Same Kind Of Social Cachet As ‘Brave Man’?" )

Anonymous said...

Made my day once again, excellent post..two thumbs up!:)