Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jail? I'd have given him a medal

Most people just want a quiet life, to be left alone to live as they please not harming anyone else. Then there are the thugs, yobs and other assorted ne'er-do-wells (I wont call them mindless, they are often ingenious in their petty maliciousness)

A TORMENTED householder on a yob-blighted estate was jailed yesterday for killing a man he caught urinating through his letterbox.
Michael Williams, 53, “just flipped” and stabbed father-of-one Anthony Kershaw, 25, after he caught him defiling his property.
Williams, who lived alone on the Smallbridge estate in Rochdale, had previously suffered a similar attack, and had paint thrown on his door.
Yesterday he wept as he was jailed for five years after admitting manslaughter at an earlier hearing. One night in April, ­Williams heard a bang on his front door as if someone was kicking at it to break in, Manchester Crown Court heard. He went to investigate and saw urine pouring through his letterbox,
In anger he went to his kitchen, grabbed a knife with a seven-inch blade and, as Kershaw urinated, swung the door open. In his own words he “just flipped” and stabbed his ­victim in the stomach.
Williams then rang his daughter and the police and confessed to what he had done while a baying mob tried to smash their way into his house screaming they would “burn him alive”.
Kershaw, who had been drinking and smoking cannabis in a flat in the same block before the incident, died later in hospital.
Prosecutor Peter Wright said Williams lived in an area where “extremely abusive” youths made trouble in ­the communal areas, leaving some res­idents despondent, ­intimidated, and at times frightened to go out.
Mr Justice Brian Keith told Williams: “Your reaction was not premeditated. Something snap­ped and you acted on the spur of the moment. Of course, I take into account that this was a frightening and ­intimidating estate to live on.”
Did Kershaw deserve to die? Probably not, however should Williams have even been prosecuted? No, the guy should have been praised as a lesson to all whose pleasure it is to make others lives a misery simply because they can. As for Kershaws mob, well they are the ones who should have been looking at 5 years today, not Williams, the very fact that Williams has been attacked in prison by Kershaw's "friends" tells me all I need to know about that waste of space.
Still the good news is of course that Kershaw can no longer pollute the gene pool, good riddance, the world is a better place without scum like that, just a shame Williams has to suffer the consequences of Kershaw's barbarity after all, what else can you call urinating through a letterbox? Whilst what happened to him was harsh, he brought it upon himself, Williams deserved better from out legal system, he was only defending his home from scum.

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English Pensioner said...

However you look at it, five years is an excessive sentence for this "crime" when you consider some of the trivial sentences being awarded for real pre-meditated murders.
The two examples that I highlighted in my blog yesterday are typical of today's justice - A piece of low life who kicked an old man about the head and left him needing intensive care got off with a suspended sentence whilst someone who forged a few Tracy Emlin "paintings" and sold them on e-bay got 18 months inside.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if such incidences are common in the US, where householders are armed? I've no sympathy for the dead man. What happened to the baying mob? Still at large, no doubt, secure in the knowledge that self-defence against them will be punished.

i albion said...

Kershaw,was able to polute the gene pool before he shuffled off this mortal coil,some one had a child by him.........Dear God!!!!

James Higham said...

Completely agree. That type learns the hard way only and if it results in his death, he doesn't learn at all.

Clarissa said...

I'm not sure what I would have done in the circumstances but I like to think I would have bobbitted Kershaw instead. He would probably have lived but the humiliation of everyone knowing he was sans-manhood would have been a punishment in itself.