Sunday, August 8, 2010

Taking the p___

Sometimes you just have to smile at human ingenuity.

Cambridgeshire police have been trying out a portable device to help women urinate standing up.
The plastic funnel can be used without the need to remove any items of clothing.
The trial was to determine whether the £7.50 Shewee would be useful for the force's 380 female officers if they went out on patrol.
But results showed there was "not a great need" for the gadget, the police force said.
In a Freedom of Information response however, the force said the introduction of the plastic funnels was "still under consideration".
Shewee inventor Samantha Fountain, 33, failed to secure investment when she presented her design on the 2005 series of BBC's Dragons' Den.
The device, which comes in five colours, has since gained widespread popularity among festival-goers, pregnant women and hikers.
As hikers my good lady and myself are well aware of the perils of being caught short so to speak and whilst as a bloke it's fairly easy to take advantage of the nearest bush, it's often not so easy for Lady QM. So, whilst the the police may not adopt it, I'm certainly going to research it a little more for my good Lady and see if it's worth the price and the effort. Makes you wonder why someone didn't think of it earlier, but that's often enough the case with the simplest and best inventions.
What I'm really hoping for though is for a device like a microwave in reverse that chills or freezes objects like beer or wine. That's got sure fire winner written all over it.

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Anonymous said...

In Canada in the Bottle Shops, at least in Quebec, they have a super chiller for wine. It is super cooled ethylene glycol, thus quite safe, and the bottles don't break. About 1 minute seems to all that is necessary and they you have to purchase a laminated insulated pouch, or crack it on open on leaving the shop but don't have an open bottle in the drivers compartment of a car.

Furor Teutonicus said...

useful for the force's 380 female officers if they went out on patrol.

Note the very telling IF they went out on patrol??

Bit of a slip there Cambridgeshire police?

Dave H said...

Cambs CC Julie Spence has just made comments about 'middle class motorists' that clearly show piss removal is a force priority.

(What would Freud have made of the Shewee? And don't tell me that's the inventor's real surname either. You made that up)