Monday, June 21, 2010

Riding the Tiger

It's always nice to see someone's true colours being dragged kicking and screaming into the light, literally in this case.

A man was being questioned today after gangs of youths attacked police officers following an anti-racist march, Scotland Yard said.
Cordons were set up to stop people going up Whitechapel Road, in east London, because officers feared random attacks on members of the public.
The scenes followed a rally, organised by Unite Against Fascism, that attracted several thousand people.
It was organised in response to another rally planned by the far-right English Defence League (EDL) which was called off earlier this week.
A police spokesman said yesterday's UAF rally was "well organised and well stewarded" but a group of young men gathered outside the nearby East London Mosque in response to rumours the EDL were planning a protest.
He said: "The group numbered up to 300, who were very volatile. Despite continued excellent attempts by stewards and representatives from the East London Mosque to control the crowds, even placing themselves in danger, there was the risk of serious disorder.
"Police officers were attacked by the crowd at points throughout the afternoon. One member of the public was attacked at random by members of the crowd as those gathered surged up and down the Whitechapel Road.
"In order to prevent injuries to the public and officers, and serious disorder, police withdrew from the immediate area and a series of filter cordons were put in place. The cordons were used to prevent access to parts of Whitechapel Road due to concerted efforts by the crowd to attack people at random."
The cordon was in place for two hours.
One person was arrested for assault and was being held for questioning.
A spokesman for Unite Against Fascism said around 5,000 took part in the march from Stepney to Whitechapel.
He said: "I heard there were a few nasty scuffles between local youths and police but certainly the demo was very positive and a really good vibe."
So, Moslem youths decided to attack the police and ordinary people at random, the UAF were stirring up trouble in the area and oddly enough there was no sign of the EDL, who had cancelled their march as the main aim of banning a lunatic Moslem preacher had been achieved. Strangely enough the police even retreated at one stage allowing the extremists control of the area. Only one arrest though, yet when the Moslems against Crusaders held their little spat in welcoming troops home there were 2 arrests of two English people who objected to their vile insults.
I'm beginning to wonder just what it will take to bring a police crackdown on the real extremists. Extremist Moslems and the UAF have time and time demonstrated their contempt for law and order, for ordinary people and seem to be the modern day version of a rent-a-mob. These people, not the EDL are a threat to the UK, they are the ones rioting, they are the ones using violence against ordinary people. They are the voices of hate on today's streets. Yet our toadying politicians do nothing, many have even given their assent to the leftist UAF including David Cameron. Yet ordinary people now wonder just who the enemy of society is, certainly it doesn't appear to be the EDL whose aims as far as I can tell appear to be the removal of extremist Islam from England and who seem to have members from all parts of society in their group, including oddly enough a couple of Muslims.
Seems to me the real fascists are in the UAF and Extreme Islam.

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I am Stan said...

Yo Quiet Man,

Ive seen all these fuckwits in action,once the mob mentality gets a hold bad things happen,I wish they would all just fuck off and leave others alone...cunts!

JuliaM said...

Where do you get the impression they were Muslims?

I mean, the 'Indy' doesn't describe them, nor does the BBC. They could have been anybody...


JuliaM said...

Of course, the real outrage is that, if the rioters had been the EDL picking on random strangers, this would not be buried in the back pages but in screaming 22 point type on every news site, and Pickled Politics & Liberal Conspiracy would be all over it.

Instead..? *crickets*

Anonymous said...

Quiet Man,

You're not seeing the bigger picture here. This is all planned and has been from day one. Let's take it all step by step:

1. Immigration by Pakistanis to the North of England back in the late 70's to fill factory positions, allowing cheap labour and more profit for the businesses.

2. Continued immigration to the Midlands and South East from Muslim lands.

3. Preferential treatment of the minority creates anger amongst the indigenous and unemployment rises

4. Race laws created to stop any attack backlash at immigration and the growth of alien cultures, especially as the UK embraces multiculturalism

5. The rise of Islam undoubtedly sees the rise of extreme Islam, firstly because Islam is a dominant religion that seeks to control countries and secondly because of attacks in the past (Paki bashing) and our aggressive foreign policy against Muslim lands.

6. Muslims become more involved in local goverment/councils and politics, thus they start calling the shots for their self created ghettos.

7. People start voting on their feet, as previously white dominated towns and cities become ethnic dominated ghettos. People leave for fear of being attacked for being white.

8. Opposing forces thus are created in order to combat the growth of hostile, anti British culture.

9. Government works this even more telling police to give leeway to Islamic radical preachers, while coming down heavily on indigenous should they oppose their promotion of anti British hatred.

10. Government creates false flag attacks (9/11, 7/7) in order to create hatred from the indigenous to the Muslim. The normal Muslim, quite quiet now begins to become radical in order to protect himself.

11. It kicks off, government then creates even more liberty destroying laws in order to "protect us" and decides to launch attacks against Iran, (then the rest of the Middle East) to save Israel.

The situation is simple to see. The government is playing both opposing forces against each other as the Rothschilds have all warring countries past in Europe over the last 300 years. The government is controlled by the NWO and simply following the plan set out a long time ago, under the Protocols of Zion to bring chaos to the west, allowing the creation of a one world government and banking system. This is the real agenda here and the MSM are controlled by the NWO pumping out its rhetoric.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Dear Harbinger,

You are a Nazi muppet. I mean really, citing the Protocols? You utter tool.


Scheming Puppet of the Eeeeeevil Jews

Longrider said...

Seems to me the real fascists are in the UAF and Extreme Islam.

That's precisely what they are. They seem to be adept at the old Soviet trick of accusing their enemies of what they are guilty of themselves. The media falls for it every time.

Anonymous said...


(I won't say dear)Are you so ignorant on history and fact? Are you so oblivious to the very fact that the Protocols have never, been proven as false/forgeries but 100% legitimate? Have you read them? Have you not see how each protocol has been implemented? Are you so shallow as you seem to candidly attack others, far more accepting of the truth that yourself?


Until you can wrap your head around this simple understanding you will continue to be ignorant on much that happens around you. Maybe it's time for an awakening, but alas, I feel that people like you will continue to be asleep for eternities.

Anonymous said...


I just looked at your profile:

"Location: Christchurch : Future Islamic Caliphate of Once-Great Britain : United Kingdom"

And in your blatant ignorance you ally with the very people and consume their daily MSM propaganda (Zionoists) that is allowing your society to become an Islamist state.
Boy, your ignorance knows no boundaries. One day you will wake up, realise what a fool you've been but then it will be too late. Far too late in fact.