Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Harriet Harman believes what Osborne did was reckless.

Harriet Harman has called the coalition Budget "reckless" and said it would lead to thousands losing their jobs.
The Labour leader said the programme of spending cuts and tax rises announced by George Osborne would hit the poorest hardest and jeopardise the recovery.
The proposed rise in VAT to 20% was "unfair" and contradicted pre-election statements by the Tories and Lib Dems that they had no plans to increase it.
The Budget was driven by "ideology not by economics", she told MPs.
Among a swathe of tax and benefit changes designed to reduce the deficit, the main rate of VAT will rise from 17.5% to 20% from next January. Public sector pay for those earning above £21,000 will be frozen for two years and child benefit frozen for three years.
Mr Osborne said the measures were "tough" but were needed to "pay the bills for past irresponsibility" and put the public finances on a sustainable footing by the end of the Parliament.
The answer is of course in the last sentence. Past irresponsibility...

2 wars we're still paying for, not only in blood.
The dumbing down of education and the production of a largely illiterate underclass.
English patients dying because of Labours NICE policies.
A country mired in debt because you hadn't a clue how to be "prudent"
A never ending litany of stupid laws and losses of freedom simply to keep us in line.
The growth of the BNP

The encouragement of multiculturalism that has born a poisonous and corrupting extremism within our midst as those who will not adapt and integrate with us demand we adapt to them.
Ditto equalities rights.
Generations left to become welfare junkies instead of desiring work, we pay them not too.
The EU taking more and more of our sovereignty.
13 years of broken promises, including a referendum on Lisbon.
Nepotism running wild in giving out PPC's and quango places. (Yes we're looking at you Harriet)
Leaving a man in charge who has now vanished and is rumoured to be receiving mental health treatment.
You spent 13 years gradually sliding this country into bankruptcy and despair, 13 years of draconian New Labour misrule, Harriet Harman, that is your legacy and that was reckless, not the steps necessary to put it right!

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