Saturday, May 1, 2010


Labour know they are going to lose, they know that the public at large cannot stomach them in government any longer. Some of the things passed through parliament in the last year when they haven't been EU diktats have been specifically for Labours pets and core voters and when they haven't, they've been of a scorched earth type to make the succeeding parties term of office as nightmarish as possible.
In their desperation to at least hold onto some of their core support, they've even taken to not showing their glorious leader on any of their leaflets and campaign on local issues (bit like the Lib Dems and just as dirty) When they can't big themselves up, they do their opponents down, really it's all they have left but to try and hold on in some constituencies where really they should not be in any danger.

Take my current MP Jonathan Shaw, here's his latest leaflet and it has everything.

  1. Note the plea from a Lib Dem to vote Labour as they can't win.
  2. Note the blackmail over the closure of a local school whilst failing to mention that it is Labour underfunding of the Medway area that lead to this.
  3. British jobs for British workers?
  4. Capstone is opposed by all parties here.
  5. Quick reminder of the 15% interest rate that happened under the Tories whilst failing to mention that it was the Tories who brought them low before Labour took charge in 1997.
  6. Panic over the Clegg bump pointing out that in my constituency at least a Lib Dem vote will hurt Labour badly.
The other side of the leaflet is a litany of local issues and no mention at all of national ones. No picture of Gordon Brown either, just a general "Fear the Tories" overtone and don't vote for Lib Dems as I'll lose.
Now Jonathan has helped me in the past with anti-social behaviour problems near my home and also with the intransigence of the CSA when dealing with my case so as an MP he's not bad.
However he is steady lobbyfodder, voted for 42 days detention, voted against a referendum on Lisbon and voted for pretty much all the database state and current restrictions on our lifestyle (smoking bans, drinking restrictions, speed cameras etc)
So he wont be getting my vote.
On the other hand neither will the Tory or Lib Dem candidates, they couldn't be bothered to answer my emails regarding the Albion Alliance, so no vote for them.
That leaves a protest vote, so I'll probably vote UKIP, though the English Democrats did reply to my email and support a referendum on the EU too. I'll probably make my mind up on the day.

3 annotations:

James Higham said...

No vote for any of the Big 3, as far as I can see.

English Pensioner said...

There are good reasons for supporting UKIP.
If they get a big enough vote over the UK, it might make the other parties, particularly the Tories, think more carefully about their EU policies and the next election, which if we get a hung parliament, won't be long.

Junius said...

Do you support an English Parliament?

Then vote EDP - a larger vote than expected for an England first party is needed for anyone to start taking our issues seriously.