Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's a start

Took him a while but Cameron has finally come up with something that I wholeheartedly agree with.

The centrepiece of the Tories’ Queen’s speech, to be held within the next month if the party forms a government, would be a “great repeal bill”.
This would scrap ID cards, home information packs and dozens of rarely enforced criminal offences introduced by Labour over 13 years.
But it's only a start, though I reckon the Tories will have far more pressing concerns in dealing with the mess Labour have left the economy in, still removing such laws as well as dealing with a bloated public sector might just be the core foundation of a winning strategy.
People aren't stupid, we know the mess the countries in, OK in the public sector their may well be a great deal of fear about where the axe will fall but who is to blame for that with an unsustainable amount of funding into the public sector to buy votes? Most know that should Labour get back in it will be the IMF who will force far more savage cuts than the Tories will do. No doubt the Unions will try and force a showdown with a Tory government too, but that may well just force Cameron's hand into even more restrictive anti-union laws, no doubt he'll have public support for those too.
Still stripping away 13 years of ever increasing restrictions on our freedom will be a start, though he can't do anything about the EU diktats. But it will show more where the fault lies and who is to blame as well for crippling our economy with wasteful and restrictive laws, legal requirements and legislation.

H/T Sue at Muffled Vociferation.

Took you a while Cameron, but it's still not enough to get my vote.

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Antisthenes said...

Starting to look like true blues, still a long way to go yet.

tris said...

Well, it's a start at getting rid of pain in the butt legislation.

I doubt it will be the centrepiece though as the Times suggests. Once Ken Clarke and the financial people have got together with the Bank of England, wee George is going to have to look at how he can claw back a trillion or so.

VAT up?, benefits down? end of public sector pensions? massive redundancies in the civil service? will be of more importance.

Like you say a good start. Wouldn't make me vote for them, because of course i don't believe anything they say. And of course a vote for the Tories would be a wasted vote in any case, as the 5000 people who have voted for them around here for the past 50 years can testify!

But yes. There's a lot of legislation that wants binning. I just doubt it will be thier priority or centrepiece.

tris said...

BTW if 75% of British laws are made in Brussels and the unimportant little Celtic fringe makes its own laws on domestic policy why on earth do we have 646 MPs sitting around fiddling expenses in London, not to mention 733 aristocratic types sitting in the House of Lords buying second homes just outside London and drinking expensive claret on us?

Quiet_Man said...

@ Tris, why do you think so many of the English want out of the EU? It's only because we're not in a position to do anything about EU legislation that questions are now being asked why we need a UK parliament rather than just a federal set up.

tris said...

Clegg suggests... and I agree with.... a referendum on whether this union should come out of, or stay in, that union. Personally I want out of both.

I think we should have it.

We seem to spend half our time worrying about the EU when there are roads that need the pot holes filled.

Let's get on with it. We are an island nation. We don't care for foreigners apparently, so I say come out if that's what the majority wants.

Stop immigration too. All of it. If the Brits hate foreigners and foreigners take their jobs and their women, then why do we allow them in at all? It's mad.

Do the majority, who dislike foreigners, run the country, or is it the minority who actually want foreigners to be allowed in?

Send them all home and manage on our own.

The universtities would soon stop these degrees in media studies and fillig a dish washer. We'd have to produce people who could do something useful.

It would also be an end to the excuses for the terminally lazy who blame the wogs for taking thier jobs, and the terminally stupid who blame the wogs for not working.

tris said...

Oh and we don't need a huge UK parliament. The English should have a small parliament like the Scots, and if there absolutely must be, we should have a very very small House of Commons. 70- 100 absolutely maximum, who will do the federal stuff.

As for the House of Lords, they could be sent down the Jobcentre and put on new Deal for terminally useless thieving bas***ds. If there must be an upper house, England had 12, Scotland 3, Wales 2 and Ireland 1 + 18. No stupid mediaeval titles.


James Higham said...

There's the little matter he left out about 75% of laws being EU and in keeping us in, he is subject to them. So he can't roll them back without withdrawal from the EU and that can't happen without a referendum.