Sunday, May 23, 2010

The kiss of death

Lord Kinnock has publicly endorsed Ed Miliband in his campaign to become the next Labour leader.
In an interview with the Observer, he describes the former energy secretary as having the electoral "X-factor" and "the capacity to inspire people".
The former Labour leader says he also rates Ed's older brother, David - a leadership rival - "very highly".
The pair are among six people to have said they plan to stand, with a winner due to be announced on 26 September.

Nuff said.

3 annotations:

John R said...

I'm still hoping for the Dream (aka Nightmare) ticket of Balls for leader and Abbott for deputy.

The Welsh Windbag is helping things along nicely.

Bye bye MilliDave
Bye bye MilliEd
Bye Bye.

tally said...

I'll never forget this one, what a prick

Uncle Bob said...