Saturday, May 22, 2010

Green madness

What is it with politicians that despite the mounting evidence they still ride the Green bandwagon off into the sunset of idiocy. They know the public aren't with them and they know a majority of the public think CO2 and global warming man made climate change is a scam to pick their pockets.

The UK government will push the EU to move to a higher target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. It will urge the EU to cut emissions by 30% from 1990 levels by 2020, rather than the current 20% target, partly through more support for renewable's.
A higher proportion of tax revenues will come from environmental taxes.
The Conservative-Lib Dem coalition also confirmed there would be a free vote on fox-hunting and that badger culling was back on the agenda for England.
The pledges are contained in the Programme for Government, unveiled on Thursday.
This fleshes out the much shorter agreement released by party leaders David Cameron and Nick Clegg immediately after the confirmation of their coalition.
 CO2 is essential in the chain of life on this planet, in the past there have been far higher levels in the atmosphere than there are now and the planet has survived and prospered.
Environmental taxes are why a good portion of the UK now live in energy poverty struggling to pay their bills.
Also, whilst there are some who would welcome internal* pressure within the EU to built up in favour of even stricter emission cuts. Because they believe that they'll create an environment in which green businesses will flourish, and hope that it will create economic recovery and expansion. However, as it is signs are already appearing that "green business" is in danger of becoming the next big bubble. When people with lots of money but next to no experience or knowledge begin flooding a market its often time to get out.
So, I'm still not quite sure what the Tories are up too on this, I believe it of the Lib Dems simply because their Beardy Weirdy faction demands that the country commits economic suicide. But Cameron did bang on about it the old manifesto so he clearly sees that there are votes to be had in it, though personally speaking they aren't the sort of votes that win elections as Cameron seems to have proved.
I can't see how any of this will solve the economic crisis, if anything it could make things a hell of a lot worse. I just wish politicians would deal with the environment pragmatically, deal with pollution, take care of the nations energy needs and not worry about climate change as climate changes anyway.

*My first idea was UK pushing the EU on anything is quite out of this world.

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Mrs Rigby said...

"I'm still not quite sure what the Tories are up to"
Me neither.

But - we all know that if we don't get some new power stations soon, and also more gas storage, then there won't be enough electricity to go round, especially if next winter is cold.

Keeping the prices high tends to make people more aware of how much they're using, and if possible will cut back - so reduced demand. Maybe they're trying to keep the whole thing in the public eye without creating a panic.

But, in general more CO2 means better/faster growing plants, means better crops etc., so it's quite bizarre really. There are real (nasty) pollutants in exhaust gases that are rarely mentioned.

John R said...

During the winter months hypothermia is the largest killer of the old and frail. I assume the fanatic worshippers of the Cult of the Green God care not one bit for the thousands who will die because of their insane beliefs.

In less than a decade there is a good chance that one ice cold January night (when the solar idiocy isnt working) with clear skies and no wind due to a high pressure weather feature over the UK (so the bird shredders arent working) at slack water (so the bath toys aren't doing anything either) the lights across the country will go our because the cultist will have let 40% of the power stations close and not replaced them.

Wind, water and waffle wont work.