Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First summer idiot parent found

Usually instances of parents harming their children are deliberate rather than stupid.

Brighton beach baby suffers burns in heat
A baby was taken to hospital with burns to 20% of his body after spending a day on Brighton beach with his mother.
The five-month-old baby boy was taken by ambulance to the Royal Sussex County Hospital on Sunday - one of the hottest days of the year.
Police community support officers intervened and called an ambulance after they saw the boy on the seafront, as temperatures reached 25C.
Sussex Police said his 29-year-old mother had been visiting from London.

No arrests have been made. 
We get a few of these fools who think that babies are immune to sunlight every year. Perhaps she thought he was Kryptonian and would display superpowers after being grilled.  There are certainly enough adverts around telling people to be careful of the sun, but again I wonder if the blame can be left at the appalling education standards in this country, though at 29 the mother probably wasn't educated under Labour, so she might just be an idiot after all.

2 annotations:

James Higham said...

There'll be many more of them. Thirteen years has removed the brain from many parents.

subrosa said...

This story shocked me. Surely, during her adult years, she's noticed babies and toddlers with sunhats etc and the variety of sun-blocking clothing there is today for children.

Right enough QM, maybe she's just an idiot.