Monday, May 24, 2010

Cutting to the bone

£6 Billion, it sounds like a lot, well it is a lot compared to what the average guy/gal earns in a year. What it is though is about a fortnights worth of the overspend that the previous government has saddled us with. Currently we have £165 billion going out more than we take in, £6 billion is just a drop in the ocean. The cuts that Osborne and the coalition government are proposing are just the beginning, Labour have ruined the economy big style in their efforts to buy a client state, no real surprise there though, that's what Labour tend to do after all. Even if they come into office with good intentions, they still manage to bugger things up when they inevitably resort to type. Labour governments leaving office usually leave unemployment higher than when they went in and the economy in a mess as their priorities don't match economic realities. They spent the surplus the previous government left them and then borrowed more to keep up the payments and now the consequences of that fiasco are about to bite, hard. The fools couldn't even prioritise when in office, pet projects were funded lavishly along with government departments, often spending billions on new décor and logo's. Yet our troops went without vital equipment fighting wars in places that really didn't concern us.

Your average person knows how to balance their monthly budget, if at the end of the month I was overspending by about £165 I could manage for a while on the credit card, but those payments would rise, as would the debt. The longer I left it, the worse it would get and reducing my outgoings by £6 a month wouldn't help at all even if it was a start, my creditors would insist that I reduce my costs by £165 a month at least, preferably more and I would be a long time paying off my debts, years possibly if the credit card bills could only be paid off in minimum payments.

That's the situation the country is in, we need to stop spending so much and/or increase our income. Labour have destroyed the enterprise culture in this country with red tape and left a demoralised badly educated workforce to pick up the slack if or when jobs can be created. Yes there will be success stories, yes we could save money by leaving the EU, there's never been a better case for it with the near collapse of the €uro. I doubt the government will though, it might just be a case of better the devil you know at the moment and the EU is a known if corrupt quantity.

Whatever happens though, it's going to hurt, lives are going to be ruined, aspirations put on hold and blame ladled out wholesale. Labour have a lot to answer for and they are going to try and shift the blame, rather like some credit card junkies blaming the lenders for making it so easy.

I can't listen to Labours theme tune "Things can only get better" now without grinding my teeth, the utter, utter bastards!

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James Higham said...

That's the amazing thing - that the community as a whole hasn't turned savagely on Labour for what they did to us.