Wednesday, March 10, 2010

England betrayed

One of the few constants about various polls with regard to the English and what they really want is that support for our own parliament remains high as does our disdain for the EU (not Europe).
One of the few constants about various politicians of either of the main parties is that they choose to ignore these findings.

William Hague was once thought of as being EUsceptic, turns out he isn't.

Financial Times.
William Hague said on Tuesday that the Conservatives had made “a strategic decision” not to pick a fight with Europe if they won the election, insisting that a Tory government would be “highly active and activist in European affairs from day one”.
The UK shadow foreign secretary said the priority was to sort out Britain’s fiscal crisis, which he claimed had diminished the country’s standing in the world, adding: “We have enough on our hands without an instant confrontation with the EU.”
In an interview with the Financial Times that will reassure the heads of some big companies and concern hardline Eurosceptics within his own party, he added: “It will not be our approach to go and bang on the table and say immediately we demand A, B, C.”
Once again showing that the main parties just don't get it. We don't want the Tories to go and bang on the table and make demands, we want them to say to the EU, bye bye and thanks for nothing. We want out, it's as simple as that, we don't want negotiations, we don't want compromise we just want to see the back of them, their petty rules, their destruction of our fishing industry, their control of our parliament and their manipulation of our foreign policies and sovereignty.
Removing the EU from the equation would also allow a massive financial windfall to be directed into repairing the economy, funny how our EUphile Tories fail to mention that, strange how they ignored the fact that their popularity in the polls nosedived when Cameron reneged on a certain cast iron promise on the EU too. They like to point to the fact that polls show that the EU is not a massive factor in peoples voting intentions, but it's still there, the elephant in the room so to speak. People may not rate the EU high on their political radars, but they know what's behind a lot of the legislation that makes our lives a misery day in day out.
It's the same for English votes on English laws. The political leadership of the main parties hate the idea because sooner or later it will lead to an English parliament, the demand is growing because the EUphiles in charge of the main parties ignore the anti English element in regionalism in their attempts to divide and conquer the English. That's why fringe parties like the BNP and UKIP are growing because the mainstream parties aren't offering us anything we want. That's why fringe groups like the EDL are growing and becoming more vocal, it's because the main parties have forgotten where their core support comes from and have wandered off to gain the support of minorities as well as slavishly implement EU guidelines that may work for some countries, but do not work so well for England.

There are Tory supporters out there who are begging the lost voters to return to them simply to get Labour out, it's a sort of blackmail in that a vote for anyone but the Tories will let Labour back in. They forget that Team Cameron isn't offering the English anything that we want in fact is offering something we don't want and that is deeper closer co-operation with the EU along with Scottish and Welsh interference in English only laws and statutes.

Offer us something we want and we'll vote for you, simply not being Labour was never enough.

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Anonymous said...

My head tells me to vote Tory to get rid of Brown. My heart tells me a Cameron Govt will make sod all difference. Vote Tory or spoil my ballot paper or...I may just vote UKIP.

Malthebof said...

There is not any difference between NuLab, Tories & LibDem on continued EU membership, thus if you believe that the EU is the source of most of our problems, then you are effectively disenfranchised. I still cannot understand why all the parties are still in thrall to the EU, I have yet to see any good reasons for our continued membership
Jon Gregory

watching said...

In my humble it's simply because they are being told to dismantle Great Britain as we really are the fly in the ointment as far as the people behind the EU are concerned.

A tad "conspiracy theory" perhaps but there is no other logical reason that explains why none of the 'big three' are leading with this sure fire vote winner.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

QM, vote Tory; there'll be a Scots Republic within a year of Cameron getting in :¬)

Quiet_Man said...

@ Conan

We (The English) will wish you well and good luck on that as Scotland's attempt at independence will probably come much earlier than ours.

scunnert said...

Unfortunately QM the independence on offer in Scotland is "independence within the EU". I know - laughable.

English Pensioner said...

Which is why I'll be voting UKIP, even if it means Labour might get in. Perhaps then the Tories might learn.

Junius said...

English Pensioner - me too!!

And I have voted Tory all my life; I have been a party member since I was able to differentiate between socialism and toryism; I have worked as a party hack in consituencies for over 30 years -

And I am voting EDP this time around. I cannot differentiate between Brown's Labout and Cameron's Tories any more - and I am so frustrated with the contempt the three main parties show to the people of England.

Enough is enough - are you listening Eric? No - thought not; the only one being heard in this election is Steve.

James Higham said...

I'll put this link into my post now.

Lion of England said...

I am English and i want my own Parliament to represent me,
and my brothers and sisters of England,and do not wish
to be represented by a Scottish clan under the name of
British, and as to you mr salmond ask your people right now if they want to be independent and lets be done with it shall we?