Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cast Iron promises

One of the more interesting memes trundling about the area of the political blogosphere that interests me has been the contention that Cameron and the Tories are trying to lose the election because they fear what has to be done might destroy or make the party unelectable, so why not let Labour clean up their mess and go the way of the dodo instead. Whilst it might be amusing to watch Labour go cap in hand to the IMF and then have to face their militant public service unions (who own them lock stock and barrel) and tell them the party's over and kiss your safe comfy gold plated pensioned job goodbye, it's not going to happen, Labour would be forced to hold a general election in order to do what would be unthinkable for them, one that they'd lose, one that they'd do their best to lose too, because they aren't idiots, they know facing the unions is a no win situation for them.
Yet it does seem as if Cameron is trying his best to lose. The rot set in when his promised referendum on Lisbon had to be dropped because it was ratified. Instead of offering a full referendum on the EU, he opted to fudge the issue with lines drawn into the sand about sovereignty and clawing back powers, something that anyone who has read Lisbon knows isn't going to happen, the EU takes, it does not give when it comes to power.

Secondly in a rising tide of English nationalism and disquiet about Scottish and Welsh MP's voting on English only bills in parliament he decides to fudge that issue too with Ken (EU) Clark coming up with a set of proposals that keeps the Scots and the Welsh in the loop for all the votes merely excluding them from some of the committee stage. Something that in fact satisfied no-one and irritated the English who would normally support the Tory party.

Finally today it turns out that the promise to get rid of the Regional Development Agencies is not going to happen either...

Western Morning News.
THE Conservatives have admitted they will not scrap regional development agencies as they seek to end policy confusion just weeks before the General Election.
Two members of David Cameron's senior team, including former Chancellor Ken Clarke, were forced to send a memo to all Tory MPs in the hope of finally clarifying their proposals.
 RDA's are part of the dismemberment of England into regions so beloved by the EU, Labour and socialists in general, mostly because they know how EU skeptic the English are and see it as a means of divide and conquer and keeping us under control. The one chance the English had to vote on the matter was rejected out of hand, not that democracy has ever held back the EU, Labour or socialists for very long, having had the measures rejected, they went ahead and did it anyway.

So, what are the Tories up too? Are they really trying to throw the election? Or are they under orders from their EU masters (The Tory leadership that is) not to interfere with EU strictures and so can't win because they can't be Tories.

I think I'd like to know.

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James Higham said...

There is a counter-theory in the U.S. that Democrats go in to put megaprojects in place, lose the election and come back eight years later to reap the benefits and lay more of this sort of thing on the people.

paulo said...

I don't think they want it.

I don't think they can hack it anyway and I sure as hell don't want them.

Spineless bastards!


Barking Spider said...

Reports say that Cameron is sidelining the Shadow Cabinet more and more and only listening to a couple of people, Steve Hilton, (the useless, wet, Lefty), being one of them.

It would appear, QM, that the only thing we can expect from Cameron is more B.Liar-style, sofa government - here's hoping that he's dumped shortly after the election - if he loses, he's toast, and there's a growing rumbling from within the party that if he wins, he either shapes up, or he's toast!

Junius said...

So - I have voted Tory in every election - but not this one. Either EDP or BNP then; but wait - I'm not British, I am English; so it leaves just one.

It's a sad day

Furor Teutonicus said...

I asked somewhere, "What if they threw an election and no one came?". (Meaning voters at the time)

But I guess, "what if they threw an election and no one stood?", could lead to some some contemplation.