Monday, February 1, 2010

Lets spend more of your money

This is just getting stupid, for years Gordon brown shorted the military of funding, equipment, even down to the kit our soldiers wore to the extent many had to buy their own.
Now with his political life on the line he comes out with this...

Gordon Brown will put two new aircraft carriers at the heart of his vision for the military this week as he commits Labour to billions of pounds of extra defence spending.
At the same time, defence chiefs are exploring how closer military links with France and the potential benefits of an entente cordiale could tackle future dangers with limited resources.
The Prime Minister will use the launch of a Green Paper on the future of the Armed Forces to promise a new generation of warships and fast jets over the coming decade. He will also guarantee an extra £1.5 billion for the war in Afghanistan, and promise to safeguard defence spending from any cuts next year.
Mr Brown aims to display Labour commitment to the military while also forcing the Conservatives to say whether they would match such spending.
To be honest I doubt it will make any difference, most of us know about the lack of helicopters, the Nimrod fiasco, the fact our soldiers were forced to buy their own boots, the lack of armoured landrovers etc. That's not why Brown's doing it though, it's just part of his scorched earth tactics to ruin the next government before it even gets into office. The last paragraph proves it, he wants the Tories to say they'll match the spending commitments of this government, you know the one that has got us spending 55% of our GDP on servicing the national debt (currently standing at about £768 billion or £30,500 for every family in the UK) In this he can't lose, the Tories will either have to say they'll match the spending and be faced with massive debts, or they'll say no and Labour will accuse them of not taking our military commitments seriously (hypocrisy writ large, but their pets in the MSM will play along) Brown's on his way out, Labour are on their way out, they have nothing to lose by these grandiose projects, not like they'll be around to pay for them now is it? They've gerrymandered resources towards their constituencies, committed to green (aka useless) energy supplies, taxed us to the hilt and now seek to undermine the next government by forcing them to keep the whole monstrous process going.

Things can only get better? Not if Gordon Brown has his way!

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Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Brown's on his way out, Labour are on their way out,XX

I am not making any bets that they ARE on the way out.

It would come as no surprise to me if they actualy WON the next election.

Dissapointment deffinately, but surprise, no.